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PM: Egypt will inevitably punish terrorists and their supporters

Wednesday، 12 April 2017 - 02:28 PM

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail on Tuesday said that Egypt will inevitably punish all terrorists targeting its stability and security and those supporting them.
The remark was made in his statement at the House of Representatives on Tuesday 11/4/2017 expounding reasons behind declaring a statement of emergency across Egypt as of Monday 10/4/2017.
The Egyptian prime minister expressed all heart-felt condolences to the great people of Egypt over the martyrs of the obnoxious terrorist attacks against Mar Girgis Church in Tanta and St. Mark Cathedral in Alexandria. He wished speedy recovery for the injured.
He confirmed that the government is exerting all efforts for extending the highest level of care and support for the families of the martyrs and wounded as was the case after the terrorist attack against Botroseya Church last December.
He indicated that it became clear for everybody that Egypt is facing an unprecedented and fierce terrorist attack that is seeking to undermine the stability of the homeland, spill the blood of its sons and intimidate them without any religious scruple or deterrent of conscience.
The State has unwavering faith that this terrorist attack is funded by some people who spend billions of pounds for supporting the terrorist groups through supplying them with the most modern technologies in the fields of telecommunications, logistics, armament and explosives so that they would continue their crimes against our great people, he pointed.
These treacherous and cowardly acts of terrorism that are committed by terrorists who do not belong to any religion and are enemies of humanity and homeland require adopting exceptional measures so that the State would be able to enhance its efforts and provide the suitable legal framework for a decisive and relentless confrontation against an exceptional threat that is not governed by any principles or values that were advocated by all religions, he pointed out. 
Accordingly; President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has issued directives after a meeting with the National Defense Council on Sunday to declare the state of emergency for three months in line with the law and out of his constitutional powers and national responsibility, said the prime minister.
The president of the republic has the right, in accordance with the Constitution and in line with article 154 of the Constitution and after consulting the Cabinet, to declare the state of emergency according to the law provided that this declaration should be referred to the House of Representatives within seven days, said Sherif.
The Cabinet approved at its meeting on Monday 10/4/2017 the declaration of the state of emergency for three months and the issue is being referred to the representatives of the people to make a decision, he added.
There is no doubt that the emergency law is targeting the enemies of the nation and the citizen. It will give the State agencies more powers and flexibility and rapid action to stand up to a treacherous and mean enemy who does not scruple to kill and destroy without any justification or discrimination, he explained.
The State leadership and government with all its agencies in every part on the land of Egypt continue intensive efforts and non-stop action to deter the danger of terrorism and eradicate it completely so that the treacherous perpetrators will receive the adequate punishment for their crimes, he added.
Out of our awareness that the confrontation should be comprehensive and based on a viable national strategy, the coming days will witness continued efforts for upgrading the religious discourse and clearing it from the erroneous and extremist thoughts. Similarly, the educational curricula in all stages will be upgraded in an effort that is aimed at holding high the values of citizenship and fraternity to have a modern citizen with an open mind who can cope up with the movement of development and modernization that is taking place in the homeland, the prime minister indicated.
These efforts and others will be undertaken by the Supreme Council on Fighting Terrorism and Extremism that was announced by the president of the republic. It will work as a pot in which all national policies and strategies will converge to achieve the goal of defeating terrorism, which is seeking animosity to modern life and development and works only for destruction and sabotage, he said.
All these efforts and others will not bear fruit if the media outlets would not undertake their role in the aspired way. This role is indispensable for enhancing governmental and popular efforts out of a spirit of national responsibility and holding high the higher interests of the homeland, he pointed out.
The terrorists and those behind them had an illusion that they would be able to hurt Egypt or undermine its stability. The Egyptian people have all the time proven their solidarity and awareness of the danger of the terrorist plot and its evil goals, said Sherif.
With the providence of Allah, our people will emerge victorious in this fierce and inevitable confrontation. It is a confrontation where we have only one choice; that the will of life will defeat the will of the enemies of life, humanity and religion; he added.

Statement by H.E. Prime Minister Sherif Ismail at the House of Representatives on declaring the state of emergency nationwide for three months as of April 10, 2017

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