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President Sisi's Statement to Meeting on Dialogue with Emerging Markets, Developing Countries at BRICS Summit

Tuesday، 05 September 2017 - 04:21 PM

I would like to thank you for the kind invitation that you extended to Egypt to participate in the 9th BRICS Summit, as well as for the warm reception and kind hospitality. It is my honor to be with you today in China, the country which has an ancient civilization that has witnessed the solidity of the land of a great people, who succeeded to blend such civilization with all the forms of modernization and progress in our modern age. As the Egyptian civilization grew on the banks of the Great Nile River and recorded its glory on papyrus, the Chinese civilization, also, grew on the banks of the Yellow and Blue Rivers, providing the world with many great achievements. Both Near and Far East civilizations boosted humanity enabling it to make great strides forward.

Since this is the first Summit I have attended with you, let me convey to you the feelings of friendship and respect that the Egyptian people have for the peoples of your friendly countries, namely: South Africa, whose people have fought for human justice and equality and led the fight against racism in our struggling African continent.

To the people of Russia, the richest peoples in terms of sciences, culture and arts and who have supported the Egyptian people’s hopes and issues since the 1950s. To the people of India, who enjoy the culture of diversity, spiritual values and philosophy and who have started along with us the independence march of the developing countries since the creation of Non-Alignment Movement.

To the friendly people of Brazil, who realized early the concepts of the environment and the ecological diversity, thus gave a gift to the world by reaching a principle that has become an international doctrine, which is the ‘sustainable development’ that was born in the city of Rio, Brazil in 1992.

Eminent Guests

 Egypt appreciates the importance of the BRICS gathering and its specificity, not only with regard to the institutional mechanisms that coordinate the policies of the member states, but also because of the common political visions that your summits have always adopted concerning political issues of particular concern to the developing countries. This, also, highlights how this gathering is a comprehensive one.

Your 9th Summit is entitled “a stronger partnership for a better future”, I would like to tell you that the Egyptians, despite all the daunting challenges, are diligently completing the building of the future and implementing an ambitious program of sustained economic growth through a radical reform of the financial and monetary policies, in addition to a series of mega national projects covering different fields, which enabled Egypt to change the course of its economy achieving a growth that reached up to 4.3% last July, along with a rise in the foreign reserves that mounted to $36 billion for the first time since 2011.

From the very beginning we had a vision based on the same priorities as the 2030 Development Agenda, guided by the 2063 Africa Agenda, but with pure national goals and priorities aiming to provide job opportunities, achieve growth and diversify the economy, in addition to making youth the bastion and locomotive of such reform.

Since the focus of this reform is how to implement the 2030 Agenda, please allow me to summarize Egypt’s vision as follows:

First: without a fair and transparent global economic system, without promoting the participation of developing countries in the global economic governance frameworks, and without a multilateral trading system based on respect for the rules and the empowerment of developing countries, our countries will not be able to reach the rates and indicators of economic performance of the developed countries.

Second: we agree with the vision of BRICS concerning the importance of providing adequate funding whether on the local level or through multilateral banks for infrastructure projects, which is the best way to achieve a real breakthrough in the real rate of economic growth.

Third: Financing development should not remain a specific problem for the developing countries away from the international community. Within this framework, we notice with concern the calls of re-explaining the principle of “common but differentiated responsibility.” This should be done through a new redistribution to the states; including advanced industrial countries, newly industrialized countries, and medium-sized countries; in a manner that regards the burden of development of some developing countries lie on their partners of other developing countries.

Fourth: The developing countries should emphasize their rights to work according to their visions, international priorities and circumstances, without being criticized in the international reviews as regards their implementation of 2030 Agenda.

Fifth: Practically speaking, we consider the formation of a small communication group of the countries participating in this forum, which should develop alternatives for the implementation of the 17 objectives of the sustainable development agenda as regards the policies then the methods of application whether currently or in the future.

Your Excellencies

 Egypt appreciates the call to participate in this session, which, undoubtedly, will enrich our vision as regards all aspects of development, including the concept of “sustainable peace”, which the BRICS documents refer to, especially in an era that witnesses grave challenges of poverty, climate deterioration, soil erosion, and political, ideological and ethnic terrorism.

Thereupon, the challenge of realizing development and offering a decent life to our peoples should be the motive of the collective action, like this gathering which we praise you on its success after a whole decade of organized effort and mutual action.

In this respect, I have several messages or ideas that I call the Group to consider;  

1-Although Egypt supports the available objectives and stances of the BRICS, yet we are sure that we can offer certain present and future potentials. In this regard, I would like to refer to the Suez Canal Corridor that is currently being prepared to host several mega industrial, technological, and logistic zones that serve the movement of trade, industry, transportation and innovation on the regional, African and international levels, thus opening new vistas for the economic interaction between our states.

2- In this vein, Egypt supports the “Belt and Road Initiative” launched by his Excellency President of China for restoring the commercial and cultural ties between the East and the West through North Africa and the Middle East; where the Suez Canal, which has moved the trade of the Far East to Europe and Africa throughout ages, lies in the heart of.

3- Egypt believes that the unique experience of the BRICS and its success in achieving an unprecedented level of coordinating policies and applying actual cooperation between its parties is worth of being simulated. Thereupon, means of being transferred to wider circles of developing countries should be put under study. We also express our readiness to enter in a tripartite cooperation with the BRICS countries in Africa as a real embodiment to the South-South cooperation.

4- We understand that the interaction on a direct or an indirect pattern between the BRICS countries and other emerging countries should also benefit from the financial tools offered by the New Development Bank according to more flexible arrangements for the developing countries not members of the BRICS.

Your Excellencies, to conclude, I would like to express our aspirations that the BRICS would recently reach a suitable mechanism for communication and dialogue with all developing countries in the near future, thus pushing our developmental efforts towards wider horizons and realizing stronger partnerships between our states for a brighter future to our peoples.

Thank you and I Hope all the Success for the Presidency of China

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