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Egypt State Information Service (SIS)

SIS demands Reuters and BBC to publish names of alleged victims of Wahat terrorist crime

Tuesday، 24 October 2017 - 03:55 PM

As a follow-up to the statement issued by the State Information Service (SIS) on Saturday 21 October denouncing the media coverage by both Reuters News Agency and the BBC Network of the Wahat terrorist incident, and as the SIS is seeking a full commitment to accurate media coverage, SIS Chairman Diaa Rashwan has sent two letters to the two media organizations’ bureau chiefs in Cairo.

The letters reiterated the SIS’ demands as stated in its previous statement, calling upon Reuters and BBC to either:

·             Retract reports they had published regarding the number of victims that contradict with official figures, and issue an  apology  for the inaccuracy of these reports and their sources; or

·             Prove the accuracy of their reports, which we assure are inaccurate, by publishing the names of all the victims that they allege died in this incident.

The SIS assured in the two letters that Egyptian laws guarantee mediamen all professional requirements deemed necessary to ensuring that both Reuters News Agency and the BBC Network can confirm the accuracy of the number of policemen killed and wounded in the Wahat terrorist incident as announced by the Egyptian Interior Ministry.

The two letters also highlighted the steps the two outlets can take to reveal the identity of any alleged victims not mentioned in the official statement by the Interior Ministry:

- Reporters and correspondents affiliated with the offices of the two foundations in Egypt, who are counted in the dozens, can conduct a field search for the alleged victims in all Egyptian governorates in accordance with the measures set by the SIS for the work of foreign correspondents in Egypt.

- Both Reuters News Agency and the BBC Network can obtain information from the  Ministry of Health offices in charge of issuing death certificates and burial permits, which are available nationwide and are the only official authorities in charge of these matters.

-  The two media outlets can verify and professionally investigate the names of those allegedly killed and wounded as reported by some media outlets and on social media pages before the Interior Ministry issued its statement, to make sure whether the statement failed to mention any of them.

- And lastly which may be slightly exaggerated, Reuters News Agency and the BBC Network can publish via their available outlets an appeal to any next of kin or acquaintance of alleged victims not mentioned in the official statement by the Interior Ministry to contact them and provide information on the matter.
The SIS concluded its two letters with affirming its keenness to ensuring the highest levels of freedom and the availability of timely information to all Egyptian and foreign media outlets operating in Egypt. The SIS also affirmed its keenness to cooperate with media outlets to empower them to work in Egypt in accordance with the internationally recognized rules of professionalism with the aim of reaching the truth.

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