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President Sisi’s address to closing session of World Youth Forum

Tuesday، 07 November 2017 - 12:00 AM
President Sisi’s address to closing session of World Youth Forum

Daughters and Sons… the World’s Youths…the Dream for the Future…

Ladies and Gentlemen

Dear Guests


I talk with you in the last day of the activities of the World Youth Forum. I am fully proud with this distinguished group of the world’s youths, who made the forum a real global event. Events and activities of this forum were remarkable and unique in the form and content. It provided an opportunity to exchange visions and ideas and listening to the various points of view. Moreover, it was an opportunity to watch this rich cultural diversity, which proved that the civilizations integrate to make good for the humanity, not conflict nor clash for more wars and disputes.

I seize this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to the organizing committee of this forum for this marvelous success in all aspects. I had a firm certainity, when I responded to my country’s youths for convocation of this forum.

This world that is full of conflicts, disputes and wars and faces big political, economic social and ecological challenges, shall not find a way to confront it except through depending on the youths’ energies and maximize using them to create a world without violence or ignorance or disease or poverty. This is an inevitable necessity that has no other option.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Launching of the World Youth Forum in its first session is considered a link of communication between the Egyptian and the world’s youths. The Egyptian state with all its institutions had a unique will to activate this link to guarantee continuity of serious communication and exchange of points of view, and we shall exert our all efforts to develop and preserve it. Dialogue and listening to all opinions is a great human acquisition and an effective mean to achieve stability and development.

The world with its youths and their various attitudes is a genuine human value that should be preserved and used for peace and flourishing, and this will not be made except through cultures and civilizations integration.   


Sons and Daughters… World’s Energetic Youths

I am very happy of you, my confidence in your energy is unlimited and my bet on you is undebatable. I was very amazing when I shared you the dialogue, listened and wrote your opinions and interacted with your various activities along the days of the forum, which witnessed a concentrated sessions, dialogues and debates and a model of the International Security Council. I talked with you sincerelly and debated objectively, and I was keen to be present with you in the sessions.

Actually, the debates and discussions produced a number of recommendations, which the Organizing Committee documented and studied how to apply and enforce.

From the land of peace and prophets, I announce that I support these recommendations and the Egyptian State’s capabilities to execute them, and launch Sharm El Sheikh Declaration for peace and Development, that stipulates the following:   


Firstly: assigning the organizing committee of the World Youth Forum to take measures to turn the forum into an international center concerned with Arab-African-international dialogue between the word’s youths.


Second: tasking the Foreign Ministry to coordinate with concerned state bodies and international agencies, topped by the UN General Assembly, to adopt decisions issued by a simulation of the UN Security Council that was carried out by youths from Egypt and the world during the forum.


Third: assigning the organizing committee to hold the forum annually in November in Sharm El Sheikh.


Fourth: the ministries of culture, antiquities, higher education, and planning shall take the necessary actions to establish a center for culture and civilization integration. The center aims at finding a mechanism for communication and rapprochement of cultures.


Fifth: the WYF's organizing committee shall work, in coordination with the state agencies in concern, to establish an Egyptian-African center for youths which should provide shelter for "youth power".


Sixth: the National Academy to Train and Qualify Youths' board of trustees will work on a plan of academic and cultural exchange with foreign academies, institutions and training centers to find scholarships for students from Arab, African, Asian and Latin American countries.


Seventh: the organizing committee shall form a sub-committee of experts from various countries to develop a strategy to confront illegal immigration, extremism and illiteracy.


The strategy shall be put up for discussion during the next round of the World Youth Forum in 2018.


Eighth: the ministers of higher education and communications and information technology shall work together in cooperation with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology to establish a regional center for technology innovation. The center is meant to provide scientific and financial support for innovators from Arab and African countries.


Ninth: the forum’s organizing committee will host delegation of youths from various countries to hold workshops and seminars over 2018 to discuss files listed on the agenda of this year’s edition of the forum.


Tenth: the cabinet shall work in cooperation with the ministries in concern to establish a regional entrepreneurship and SMEs support center.


Daughters and Sons… the World’s Youths

Our duty is to bring your dreams to reality and spare no efforts to work and guarantee a future that you deserve and a world void of terrorism or extremism in which you can live safely. A world without ignorance or disease in which the human being is a value added to humanity. A flourishing and stable world without conflicts or homeless people or refugees. A world in which justice, stability and equity are prevailing in, and in which humanity defeats advocates of inequity, extremism and violence. The world’s youths, who seek to make the future are worthy of our all efforts at the present time and we have to share them their dreams for humanity and civilization.

Finally, I won’t say good bye, but you are welcome in the next World Youth Forum in 2018.



Peace Be Upon You


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