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Speech by President Sisi to Egyptian people on occasion of winning presidential election 2018

Tuesday، 03 April 2018 - 10:42 AM
President Sisi's speech to the Egyptian people on occasion of winning presidential elections

In the Name of God the Almighty

The Great People of Egypt,

Dear people of honour, who prove all the time that they are vibrant, capable of  facing the challenge itself... capable of enforcing their free will and raising it high above any desires or interests except the interests of the homeland and its objectives. Today, I am speaking to you again renewing the promise of honesty and transparency, which I have promised you before. I would like to address you away from the official language and the usual formal language structures. I would like to speak with you about the feelings of sheer pride that overwhelmed me as I watched closely the scenes of your rally before the polling stations. Your impressive rally was not to choose a person, who would head the state, but it was a rally to renew the pledge on a national path, which the sons of this nation have decided to take its side and continue fighting the battle of survival and construction.

Dear sons of Egypt,

Being proud of you is deeply-rooted in my conscience and also my trust in the genius of the Egyptian nation can neither be doubted nor misinterpreted. My national choices that have always been biased to the will of the Egyptians stemmed from this trust and from my belief that we are a great nation which senses honesty as much as it senses the lies of those, who trade with its dreams and future and thus rise up against them.

I tell you with all honesty and impartiality that all the challenges we have faced and all the problems we have dealt with as well as the crises that we have passed, were the secret of our victory over them and the true bet on the genius of this people and its rich civilization and cultural background in addition to its history that extends deep along with the civilization itself. My bet on the Egyptians has never failed and their loyalty, enthusiasm and impartiality never disappointed me. And we, together, have mobilized the capabilities of the nation with all its elements and pillars. And here is the great homeland draws to us and with us a wonderful national picture. Once again, a picture that does not exclude anyone. The scene of the popular mobilization of all the segements of the Egyptian fabric was dazzling and hopeful. Here is the Egyptian family progressing steadily and confidently, the young people filled with enthusiasm and hope, the elderly fulfilling the right of the homeland, the workers making glory, the farmers are planting the dream, preceded by the Egyptian women, who represent the voice of conscience and the icon of challenge as well as the symbol of sacrifice and strength in facing challenges. All this firmly established that it is the greatest Egyptian phrase in the national annals of honor. This popular mobilization was a compelling proof of the strength of the Egyptian society in the face of those, who wanted to destroy it. This national picture was decorated with the heroes of Egypt from the Armed Forces and the police, who are determined to provide maximum security, protection and safety to the Egyptian people while they are expressing their will, and under the full judicial supervision of the honorable judges of Egypt, who represented transparency and impartiality with all honesty and sincerity.

Great People of Egypt,

 I would like to greet you all and to extend my appreciation and respect for what you have done for Egypt, the cherished homeland.

 I honestly promise you that I will fulfill my pledge to you; to be sincere in my work, not to spare any effort for the sake of our nation's superiority, to strive to build its institutions with all strength and determination, to raise its status among nations with determination to maintain development and stability and to provide a decent life for its citizens. I promise that I will work for all Egyptians without discrimination of any kind. Whoever has renewed confidence and voted for me has not been different from those who voted against me. Egypt embraces all the Egyptians, as long as the differences of opinion do not harm the country's image. Our common denominators are broader than specific ideologies or narrow interests. Seeking to increase the common denominators between the Egyptians would figure high on priorities of the national agenda during the next phase.

On this great occasion, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Mr. Mousa Moustafa Mousa, who, and his campaign members, took part in an honest and civilized national competition that demonstrated his great patriotic sense and excellent political performance.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This great nation deserves our collective efforts, implanting hope, building the future, realizing its dreams, paving the way for the future that leads to the status that our country deserves and that is up to the sacrifices of its sons. Egypt will only be built and protected by its own sons. This is the prophecy of history that will be achieved by our citizens, chanting all the time:

       Long live Egypt… Long live Egypt …long live Egypt.

       Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be Upon You.

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