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President Al-Sisi’s Speech on the Occasion of Taking the Oath of Office

Sunday، 03 June 2018 - 12:57 PM

Speaker of the House of Representatives,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Distinguished Attendees,

Allow me to begin my speech today by asking you to observe a moment of silence not only for mourning the souls of the martyrs, but also as an appreciation and pride for all the sacrifices of our great nation.

Great People of Egypt,

I stand today talking to you at the beginning of a new presidential term after taking the constitutional oath before you, pledging to be faithful to the Constitution and law and protect the interests of this great people.

In this defining moment, I have mixed feelings of gratitude for renewing your confidence in myself to shoulder the responsibility of our dear country, and the major responsibility and the amount of challenges in leading a country in the size of Egypt; a matter which, if you know, is great.

Allow me to renew with you the pledge of facing the challenge and fighting the battles of survival and construction, committing to our social pact which we have signed together as a state and people of adhering to openness and transparency, and sticking to our great principle of working objectively in favor of this homeland, to address the problems and face the challenges while lining up and keeping the cohesion of our national bloc alive and effective, seeking only the interest of our dear and honourable Egypt for realizing its development and stability and building a future that suits our history and the sacrifices of its sons.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I remind you and myself with our march together since I responded to your call and accepted to be the head of the nation salvation team from, those who wanted Egypt to fall into the clutches of collapse and destruction; once trading in religion and another time trading with freedom and democracy.

I am fully committed to my pledge with you, neither sparing any effort, nor postponing any work or procrastinating any matter. I will not fear to face any problem or challenge; believing in the greatness and the deep rootedness of our nation, and in the fact that the unity of great Egyptian people is the guarantee for victory and crossing towards the future.

I was completely right and won the bet when this great people has proved its steadfastness and strength and faced the challenge, maintaining his country's gains, facing all challenges and proving his free will. The picture of the homeland has been wonderful as it contains Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the platform of the moderate Islam and the Egyptian Church, the symbol of peace and tolerance.  The will of our people has been secured and protected by the brave men of the great Egyptian army and the heroes of the police, who sacrificied their blood in order to keep this nation dignified and honorable.

The Egyptian women, along with all the members of the family; youth, old and children fight the battle of development and building. They plant the good, make the future and create a way for tomorrow to bring our national dream into reality and make Egypt a modern state based on the foundations of freedom and democracy. Egypt will regain its status among the nations regionally and internationally after suffering from attempts to undermine this status and after the decline of its role as a result of internal and external factors, which are rejected by the constants of history and geography.

We have faced together the brutal terrorism that sought to undermine the unity of our precious homeland. We have shouldered the responsibility of facing the challenges produced by previous heavy burdens of economic, social and political challenges and their resulting negative effects on all walks of life .

The clear fact is that during the first term, we have faced the biggest challenge in the history of our homeland. With the help of Allah and with our sincere intentions and unbiased hard work, we were able to pass a difficult period and embark on a more stable future, with determination to win the battle of building the homeland.

Great Sons of Egypt,

From the first moment I assumed office, I drafted a plan of action based on accelerating the pace of reform on all political, economic and societal levels, along with the security confrontation against the dangers that encircle Egypt. Our ambitious plan envisages launching a series of mega national projects that aim to maximize the country's assets, improve its infrastructure and provide plenty of job opportunities that go in parallel with a comprehensive plan for the economic reform to address the significant decline in the economic indicators, meantime providing a network of social protection programs to address the negative effects of these reforms .

Now, the first phase of our plan has rendered a success, I can affirm that the state will give the top priority to the building of the Egyptian human being during the coming phase because I believe that our real treasure is the human being, who should be built on a comprehensive and integrated base; physically, mentally and intellectually to re-define the Egyptian identity after the attempts of undermining it.

    Education, health and culture files and issues will be the top priority of my attention through a package of projects and major programmes on the national level. These programmes aim at promoting the Egyptian human being in all fields, as we account on comprehensive and scientific systems in order to develop the education and health systems due to their major importance in keeping the Egyptian society strong and coherent.

The Egyptian state will go forward consistently towards enhancing its balanced relations with all international and regional parties within a framework of partnerships and exchanging interests without sliding into futile disputes and conflicts. For this, Egypt depends on respecting the supreme national interests and the others’ interests, and emphasizing the principle of safeguarding the national sovereignty of the states, refraining from meddling in their affairs in addition to strengthening Egypt’s historic role concerning the crucial issues in the region.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The great and big can embrace Egypt all of us with our diversity and rich cultures. Believing that every difference is a strength added to us and our nation, I assure you that accepting the other and creating common spaces between us will be my major interest to achieve societal peace and consensus, real political development along with what we have achieved of economic development. Furthermore, I will not exclude from these common spaces except those who have chosen violence, terrorism and extremist ideology as a way to impose their will and reign. Beyond that, Egypt is for all, and I am a president for all Egyptians; those who agree with me or disagree.

The Great Egyptian People…

I’m telling you the truth that I’m adamant to complete the march, having no partiality only that of the homeland. I am only afraid of Allah and I’m sure that the best days will be coming soon undoubtedly if Allah Willing as long as there are good intentions, persistant efforts and steadfast hearts.

We must work and die for this great homeland, which I believe in as well as in you for being a great and steadfast people able to make the glory and plant pride anytime.

 The Great Egyptian People…

The Proud and Distinguished People…

I pledge to Allah and you to be honest in my work, fighter for you and with you to keep our dear Egypt leading the nations. Finally, let us chant;

Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt

May Peace, Mercy, and Blessings of Allah Be Upon You

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