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Egypt takes off July 2018

Madoubuli’s government policy statement before House of Representatives

Wednesday، 04 July 2018 - 01:00 PM
Madoubuli’s government policy statement before the house of representatives(( “Egypt takes of “July 2018))

Policy statement that the government of Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli  reviewed during a parliamentary session on Tuesday 3/7/2018  focused on five major topics.

One  of such topic is about Egypt's national security and foreign policy, which has in its heart ways to counter terrorist operations and crimes and secure archaeological sites.

It also has to do with upgrading security services offered to citizens and promoting the tolerance of Islam in the face of extremism.

The government is seeking to enhance the role played by cultural institutions as it fights extremist ideologies.

It also seeks maintaining the Egyptian identity of expats, as well as confronting irregular migration, promoting citizenship and protecting human rights and basic freedoms.

Water security is also part of Egypt's national security and the government's policy statement sheds light on efforts to protect lawful water rights, develop water resources, rationalize and manage water needs.

One of the strategic goals is to also achieve food security through boosting wheat storage capacity and promoting the efficiency of distribution.

The government will also tackle energy security as part of its national security and foreign policy strategy. This includes efforts to develop traditional and renewable energy resources, as well as develop petroleum and mineral wealth. The second topic is about shaping the Egyptian identity through promoting awareness about Egypt's cultural heritage and encouraging innovation.

It also focuses on efforts to face drug addiction.

It asserts that upgrading pre-university and technical education is key to shaping the Egyptian identity.

The government is also eyeing an improvement in scientific research and technology through establishing an Egyptian "waqf" fund for the purpose.

It has also outlined a strategy to encourage youth to contribute to voluntary and team work.

The government will also review efforts to provide comprehensive health care to Egyptians and secure medicines, vaccines and formula milk, as well as develop health facilities and university hospitals.

Themed "Economic Development and Upgrading the Efficiency of Government Performance", the third topic highlights moves the government plans to take with the aim to achieve an eight-percent economic growth rate.

This should be done through programs to secure funding, improve tax collection, activate unused State assets and boost societal responsibility of the private sector.

Also on the agenda of the government is a plan to improve the efficiency of public spending and restructure public sector companies.

The government will also review efforts to enhance industrial competitiveness and encourage industrial investment.

It will act to upgrade navigation through the Suez Canal and develop airports.

The government has also outlined mechanisms by which to promote tourism to Egypt and turn to a green economy.

It has a plan to also improve the business climate through enhancing investment awareness and boosting the role of the non-banking financial sector in funding SMEs.

Developing export potentials through activating regional and international trade agreements and upgrading the maritime transport sector is also part of the government's plan.

The fourth major topic that the government will focus on is upgrading levels of operation, a move that will be addressed through the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, undertaking legislative and institutional reforms and encouraging entrepreneurship.

The government will work to develop the higher education system to meet the labor market needs, offer soft loans to develop small- and micro-scale agricultural projects and support the exports of SMEs.

Upgrading human skills alongside preparing and qualifying women to join the labor market are also included in the government's policy.

The government is to see to providing more job opportunities for people with special needs and achieving integration between the informal sector and the formal one.

The fifth major topic is connected with improving the standard of living of Egyptian citizens. The government eyes controlling the population growth as well as developing the existing new cities and setting up another 14 new ones on a total area of 100,000 feddans.

Expanding the social protection programs and the social security networks in addition to providing a comprehensive social insurance umbrella for Egyptian expatriates are also addressed as part of the government's policy.

The government will seek to develop the ration cards system, enhance the social role of the Awqaf Ministry and its scholars and activate the consumer- protection mechanisms.

Addressing the development gaps is also included as part of the government's fifth major policy statement topic. The government will support development plans nation-wide including local development in Upper Egypt and the integrated development programs in the Sinai Peninsula.

Developing squatter areas and modernizing the Egyptian villages are also included in the government's policy.

The government will seek upgrading the railway system and improving the environmental conditions especially in the neediest villages and increasing incomes of families in the rural communities.


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