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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s address on Occasion of October 6 War Victory

Monday، 08 October 2018 - 12:30 PM
President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s address on Occasion of October 6 War Victory

Egypt’s Great People,

Throughout peoples and homelands’ history, there are days different from others, being glorified and bearing to the nation a renewable message of hope and confidence. No doubt, October 6 is among these days in which our Egyptian and Arab nation exerted tremendous effort and our national army proved a capability beyond what the whole world expected, and our strong people offered unimaginable giving that led to an immortal victory whose story is narrated by the peoples and military experts and strategists seek to explain it.

In these days of 1973, the whole Egyptian people rose behind its Armed Forces to declare to the world that Egypt is hardly to be broken.

 Egypt after 1967 managed to rebuild its Armed Forces and launched the attrition war under the leadership of late President Gamal Abdel Nasser to prove to the world that Egypt is a nation which has a strong will and determination.

The October 6 War was launched upon a decision of late leader Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat to declare that Egypt has the ability to reshape any situation it doesn’t accept, and impose respect of its will on anyone.

October War didn’t target to restore only our lands, but also it put peace among our top objectives. The time-honored peoples understand well the significance of peace and it should be based on justice and balance of powers. This is what leader Sadat; the Hero of War and Peace achieved. Let us greet him and the other martyrs. 

Egypt proved its capability in peace like that in war. Preserving peace is a challenge that is not less than that of war. In the both cases, Egypt showed that when it takes a decision, it can enforce it.

The past four decades proved this people’s ability and this nation’s deep roots and steadfastness throughout history against ordeals and misfortunes.

Egypt was able to restore its lands to the last inch by war and peace. It was able to impose a different strategic reality and formulate the equations in the region based on an orientation towards peace not war and destruction.

Egypt’s Great People,

Challenges of life are endless and it’s the destiny of the great peoples to counter these challenges. In Egypt, we faced the biggest challenges in the past years concerning preserving the Egyptian state, preventing its downfall, the danger of the political vacuum, chaos and the vicious armed terrorism.

A fair look at the overall national security challenges in the region over the past few years shows that October victory was not achieved by chance.

Great Egypt is accustomed to achieving victories and overcoming any ordeal, and it was capable to cross the bridge between defeat and victory in the period from 1967-1973. It could also overcome the period of unprecedented turmoil that swept the region over the past few years. 

These challenges did not weaken the will of Egypt as it managed to besiege the black terrorism and deal heavy blows to its elements and organizations.

Egypt also managed to stabilize the pillars of the State and restore confidence and calm to the Egyptian society after hard times of polarization and tension.

All these challenges did not distract efforts for enhancing the economic development process that relies on dealing with the reality on the ground, not through slogans nor illusions to achieve progress and a quantitative leap in the standard of living through the modern science and patience for all Egyptians.

In the end of my address on this dear occasion, I pay tribute to Egypt's army martyrs whose precious blood was shed on Sinai's sacred soil to bring about peace and hope to millions of Egyptians. I greet the Arab military units that fought together with the Egyptian army in October Glorious War.

I also greet the families of the nation's fallen heroes across the ages and in the war on terrorism, confirming to them that their bravery and sacrifices will never be forgotten and will always be recalled and cherished by the whole people of this great nation, who are determined to continue work to build a better, more secure and dignified future for the coming generations, if Allah willing.

May Allah protect Egypt and its people.

Long Live Egypt..Long Live Egypt..Long Live Egypt

Peace and Mercy of Allah Be Upon You.

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