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Culture Minister Decides To Organize " Youth Directors Forum " Twice A Year

Tuesday، 25 December 2018 - 03:52 PM

The Minister of Culture Decided To Organize " Youth Directors Forum " Twice A Year, Demanding To  Finished quickly The Executive Procedures Of  " Start Your  Dream " Project In 3 Governorates.

-Abdel Dayem: It is a project to revive and refresh the Egyptian children memory , starting on next January from Al-Minya  to all provinces.

- The project focuses on children of the border areas to achieve cultural integration.

Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem, Minister of Culture, agreed and signed " Theatrical Production" plan,   presented by Dr. Ahmed Awwad, Head of The General Organization  of Culture Palaces, Moreover , Abdel Dayem followed up  the latest developments of the Organization's  plan in the different regions of Egypt.

It is worthy of note that  the rate of the regional Theatric  Troupes production reached 125 shows, 109 of them have finished their budget  in 6 theatrical regions  in 24 provinces, in   addition to 16 spectacles of " open experiments" and " different spaces and out of box " that were distributed on 16 governorate . Plus, 25 Troupe have been reactivated – some of them work for the first time, and some others were stopped for 4 years :- which are the troupes of : Greater Cairo and North Upper , Giza, Egypt, Al-Sileen and Senoras. In addition to 5 troupes were re-operated:- Al-Rihani, Manshaet Nasser, Ihnasia and Imbaba which  started with presenting a show for people with special needs.

As for West Delta Province , it re-operated 4 troupes which are Dakrins, Desouq and Hamoul . At the same time , West and Central Delta province presented 4 shows the troupes of "Shatby, Abu al-Matamir Mahmoud al-Jundi, Rasheed and Sabaa Sawaki ,  in addition to re-operating Kafr El Dawar Troupe.

In the Central Region of Upper Egypt, two The Troupes of  " Magaghah"  and " Samalut" , were re-operated, while "  Mlawi and " Bani Mor " Troupes presented their first spectacles  . In Southern Upper Egypt Region , three Troupes  were re-operated, which are  "Al-Tud ", " Hurghada"  and " Dashna". Plus , Canal and Sinai region presented , For the first time , spectacle of "  Space Experiment" to deliver the artistic and culture service to the needy areas  in Faisal Culture House in Suez.

As for " Clubs Theatrical Troupes" ,   100 theater plays were chooses to be presented  in Egypt governorates. Within the framework of the street theater project, 10 spectacles are being produced in six cultural regions covering 10 governorates.

Within the framework of the central production, 6 theater plays  are being produced by The General Administration of Theater. They are presented in  Giza Cultural Center and will revolve around the governorates.

As for the plan of " Theatrical  Festivals"  organized by the Organization , The Minister of Culture decided to organize " Directors' Youth Forum " twice a year. Its second edition will be on 27 March 2019, with the participation of 15 play , 8 of them are produced within the plan.

It is worthy of note that  after the first edition of forum , many young people were attracted from all regions of Egypt . Moreover, Abdel-Dayem stressed on the need to produce in a fast way , the20 shows of the closing ceremonies of "Club Theater festival" , and to end  the final preparation of the regional Troupes , which are  about25 plays to be presented on the coming April.

The Minister of Culture followed up the latest developments of "Start your Dream"  project  and stressed on the  completion of the executive procedures of this project  on  January2019 to present its activities  in three governorates – Al-Fayoum, Al- Sharqyq  and Assiut . Plus, she  ordered to  prepare detailed study and report about  the actual results and the extent of benefit from the first and second phase of ""cultural integration" project , implemented by the Organization , based on hosting children of  the border areas and merge  them with the children of Cairo and the provinces in order to activate the principle of citizenship and human rights and to achieve the strategy of The Ministry aimed at achieving cultural justice. It is worthy of note that the  first stage hosted  " Halayeb"  and "Shalatin"  children for a week during which trips were organized to the touristic and historical places in Cairo. The project also organized many artistic and intellectual workshops. The second stage hosts the children of North Sinai during  December. The third stage of the project will deal with  the children of Siwa, followed by the children of Nubia until it arrives to the  Border governorate.

Moreover, Awwad suggested a project to revive and refresh the Egyptian children memory to be implemented by the Organization, starting from Al-  Minya  Governorate at the beginning of 2019.

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