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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Address On the Occasion of Police Day

Sunday، 27 January 2019 - 02:51 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Audience,

Today, we celebrate the 67th anniversary of the Police Day. January 25 was not an unsual one as the days during the occupation of Egypt. This day was doomed to be eternal and remains a symbol of the policemen’s heroics and sacrifices. The policemen refused to surrender to a major power that surmounted them in number and arms, but they resisted bravely until their own last bullet, while hundreds of them were falling martyrs or wounded to preserve the homeland’s honour and dignity.

This stance expresses truly the national identity of the great Egyptian people. This identity, which seeks peace, is capable of fighting efficiently if necessary. This identity was created by the events of the ancient times and crystallized by the multilateral experiments of the history during which the Egyptians were committed to preserve their homeland’s soil, pride and dignity.

Egypt’s Great People,

The history will write that the challenges Egypt has faced in the recent years, were the most difficult this homeland has faced in its modern times. The history also will proudly write the names and heroics of whoever participated, during this painful time, in protecting his country and defending its people’s resources, giving his homeland’s interest, security and stability the top priority. During these past years, we were facing, and still, massive challenges and difficulties, mainly the serious attempts of the dark and evil groups to obstruct our path and spread terrorism to terrify our secured society, as they falsely imagined that through their terrorism, they could fulfill their vicious aims, and underesteemed this people, army and police’s power and steadfastness.

I tell those people and whoever thinks that he can defeat Egypt's will and people that this people is a noble one, have a wisdom that had been established through thousands of years and an in-depth sight that enables them to differentiate between the right and falsehood. This people have the ability to counter their all schemes and proceed steadily in their grand battle of development and reform thanks to Allah's Almighty and efficient army and police.

I don't miss this opportunity to extend you my greetings on the occasion of the glorious January 25 Revolution, which expressed the Egyptians' aspiration to build a new future for this homeland, where all citizens enjoy a decent life.

We move steadily after the years of disorders and turbulences from the phase of fixing pillars of the state and stability to that of building and construction. We complete seriously what we have made of huge projects all over the nation to change Egypt's reality to another one that we aspire for. Steps of the economic reform are proceeding well according to well-studied programmes that led to improving indications in terms of raising the gross domestic product, foreign currencies reserve, rate of employment and bridging the budget deficit. 

Members of the Police Authority,

Finally, I extend my heartfelt greetings on your Day for those who are still in office or those who retired. I tell you that your sacrifices are appreciated by our people, who realize the value of the policemen's efforts. Let me greet the police martyrs and injured and their families.

May Allah with you preserve this dear nation.

Long Live Egypt, Long Live Egypt, Long Live Egypt

May Allah's Peace and Mercy Be Upon You

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