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Sisi-Macron joint press conference

Tuesday، 05 February 2019 - 12:18 PM
Sisi-Macron joint press conference

Your Excellency President and Dear Friend Emmanuel Macron,

President of the French Republic,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I would like to extend a warm welcome to President Emmanuel Macron and his accompanying delegation.  His Excellency is a dear guest to Egypt on his first visit as a President of the French Republic. This visit comes in the light of the long-standing friendship and strategic partnership between Egypt and France. This friendship is based on a long history of mutual interests and human and cultural interactions between our two peoples. It has been boosted by the continuous momentum given to the relations between the two countries in the last few years at the levels of cooperation in all political, military, security, economic and cultural fields, as well as the high level of coordination on various regional and international issues   .

I have reviewed with President Macron different aspects of cooperation. Moreover, we have witnessed the signing of a wide range of cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding  in various fields such as transport, health, culture, education and youth, as well as a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of a strategic partnership with the French Agency for Development during the period 2019-2023, at a value of one billion Euros.

Our meeting today is also considered an important opportunity to review the most important steps of the implementation of the comprehensive economic and social reform program implemented by Egypt since 2016 to address the structural imbalances experienced by the Egyptian economy for decades. This program is constantly praised by the international financial and credit rating institutions. We have agreed on the necessity of giving a strong impetus to cooperation in economic fields and increasing the volume of trade exchange and joint investments to reflect the importance of the political and strategic relations between Egypt and France.

 In this context, I affirmed Egypt's welcome to the French companies and to increasing their participation in the mega national projects, benefiting from the promising opportunities in various sectors of the Egyptian economy. Furthermore, I  highlighted the fact that I am personally keen on supporting foreign investment in Egypt in general and French companies in particular. I also expressed the fact that I am looking forward to the positive outcomes of The Business Forum between the chairmen of the major private sector companies of the two countries, whose closing session will be attended by me and His Excellency this evening. These positive outcomes will contribute to maximizing the mutual interests between our two countries.

We discussed elaborately the ways of enhancing the cultural and educational cooperation as both countries celebrate 2019 as a year of Egyptian-French culture. In the light of the reciprocal effect of the civilization heritage of both countries on the cultural and social life of the Egyptian and French people, so, the Egyptian intellectual elite has been affected by the writings of the French Renaissance Age intellectuals. Also, the French people and President Macron himself are fond of the ancient Egyptian civilization. In addition, we should not forget the French scientists’ contribution to unveil the secrets and decoding the symbols of our Pharaonic civilization.

Your Excellency Mr. President,

Honorable Attendees,

Our talks today witnessed an identical vision for the ongoing work to counter the hateful terrorism phenomenon, which targets the two states’ security and interests alike, because it poses a direct threat to our efforts in achievement of the sustainable development and prosperity of our peoples.

Our talks also included a positive dialogue on the status quo of the human rights in our two countries, the Middle East and European continent.

I highlighted the importance which Egypt attaches on this internationally- rooted principles and values, being an essential component in all efforts exerted for the Egyptian people’s takeoff for progress and prosperity.

The Egyptian society’s institutions in all forms, whether the executive, legislative, judicial and civil are pooling their efforts to develop the human right system, out of an in-depth understanding of aspects of history, civilization and heritage.

It is not secret that dealing with the human rights issues must be made according to their comprehensive concept, as these all rights are interacted and connected in a way that becomes inseparable. Right to life, security, freedom of expression, providing good food, healthcare, education and housing are given top priority by Egypt, out of its responsibility to its citizens and commitment to the constitution articles.

In this context, we have to emphasize that the challenges we face in the area or Europe, should not prevent us to go ahead with providing protection and progress to our citizens.

On the other hand, we have reviewed the latest regional developments of mutual concern, especially in Libya, Syria, the Palestinian Question and the Sahel area in Africa, besides the illegal immigration file, the Egyptian – European Union relations and the priorities of Egyptian presidency of the African Union this year. I stressed that Egypt’s support to the political efforts that target settlement of the regional disputes and maintenance of the state of nation and its integrity to prevent its disintegration or allow a foreign power destabilize the security of the region to score ideological goals or narrow interests.

Your Excellency Mr. President,

Welcome you again in Egypt. I renew my expression of appreciation of the support France provides, and the fruitful and accelerated growth of our bilateral relations in all fields.

Thank You

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