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Ministry of Culture Celebrates 23 July revolution in all sectors, provinces of Egypt

Sunday، 21 July 2019 - 02:19 PM

Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem, Minister of Culture, confirmed that the memory of 23 July revolution is in the conscience of the Egyptian people, it has become a source of determination to achieve success, adding that the blessed revolution will always be an inspiration for generations. On this occasion, the Ministry of Culture prepared huge celebrations in all Egypt, including various activities presenting the achievements of the revolution and their impact on society.

The Egyptian Opera House:-
The Egyptian Opera House will present an artistic concert for Abdel Halim Noireh for Arab Music Ensemble, led by Maestro Salah Ghabashi at 8:00 pm on Tuesday 23 July 23rd  on the Grand Theater and it will include a series of immortal national works that influence the national feelings of the masses.

The General Organization of Books and National Documents: 
The General Organization of Books and National Documents celebrates the anniversary of 23rd of July Revolution for a whole week starting from Saturday 20th of July. On Sunday, 21st of July a Nile trip is organized in cooperation with the Youth Center of Rawd Al-Faraj during which a cultural competition and workshop will be held about 23 July revolution. At 11.00 am an artistic concert for Egyptian Music Ensemble will be held at the Book House in Bab El Khalq, led by Maestro Farouk Al-Babli, and preceded by speeches by Dr. Hesham Azmi, Artist Samir Sabry and Dr. Hoda Abdel Nasser.  

On Monday 22 July, a seminar will be held in Mubarak Hall, headed by Major General Hamdi Labib, Dr. Assem Desouki, Professor of Modern and Contemporary History. 

At 5 pm on Monday, 22 July, Tahya Misr Salon will be held, followed by an artistic concert in cooperation with the "Voice of the Street” association and "a Hand to Build” association in Mubarak Hall.

The Children's Literature Research and Documentation Center

The center is affiliated to The General Organization of Books And National Documents - will hold a celebration on 24 July at its headquarters in El-Manial under the title "Ya Habibta Ya Masr". It includes a song for the children's choir and a film of “Nasser 56”. 

On Thursday 25 July,  a narrative workshop in -Nasser Meusem in Manshiet Al-Bakri organized by  Suheir Al-Metwally - and Dr. Nasra Ali Researcher at Dar Al-Aksa.

Plastic Arts Sector: - 

As for Plastic Arts Sector, Gamal Abdel Nasser Museum will open its doors to the public on 23July 23 to mark the anniversary of the revolution. 
At 10.00 am, the sector also organizes artistic workshops for children in the fields of painting and coloring in Rateb Sedek Museum for the age from 7 to 18 years. 

At 7:00 pm on Thursday 25th of July in Al Nasr Museum in Port Said a celebration ceremonies of the revolution. 

On Wednesday, 31st of July,  a musical concert will be held under the leadership of Maestro Mahmoud Abu Zeid.

Cultural Production Sector :-

The cultural production Sector holds a monthly meeting at Al-Hanager Cultural Forum under the title "July Revolution: A Look at History and Future", which will be conducted by Dr. Nahed Abdel Hamid at 7:00 pm on Monday 22 July in at Al-Hanager Cultural Center. 

The National Center for Theater, Music and Folklore:- 

The National Center for Theater, Music and Folklore will hold a concert at 8 pm on Tuesday 23rd of July at Al Salam Theater in Al-Qasr Al-Aini Street. The concert will include a collection of the most famous national Egyptian songs. 

External Cultural Relations Sector :-

The Egyptian Cultural Relations Sector is taking part in the celebration of July Revolution:-  Sohag Folklore Ensemble will present several performances in Bulgaria from 19 to 28 July - during the International Folklore Festival in Veliko and in the Egyptian Embassy in Sofia. The Nile Ensemble for Folkloric Instruments will travel to Nigeria to celebrate the Egyptian National Day from 17 to 20 July. Plus, Al-Tannoura Heritage Group will travels to Lebanon from 22 to 24 July to participate in the Egyptian culture celebrations of the revolution outside the country.
The General Organization  of Culture Palaces:- 

The General Organization of Culture Palaces prepares some activities including: a lecture and a artistic workshop entitled "Revolutions and the Championships of 23 July Created History", held in Fethiye Bahij Preparatory School. In addition to, screening the movie “Gamal Abdel Nasser”, followed by holding an open dialogue about July Revolution and art and craft workshops in Al-Fayoum in Mabaret Misr AL- Kadeema. In Children's Culture Palace in Garden City, an open dialogue on July revolution with an art and craft workshops.  At 10 am on Sunday, 28 July, “beautiful flowers” Show will be presented at Al- Wehda AL- Arabya School. “Beautiful Art Bus “will organize on 23rd July a free painting workshop in pastel colors at Port Said Cultural Palace.

- In the Greater Cairo and North Upper Egypt Region, on Tuesday 23rd of July, a concert will be held at Giza Culture Palace at 12 Pm. The concert will include an Arabic music show, a traditional heritage show and an exhibition of handicraft products entitled "Egyptian Heritage Arts." .Plus, an exhibition of Al-Bawaiti Spontaneous Band, an environmental workshop will be held in Al-Bawaiti Cultural Palace in Al- Wahat A- Baharya Region at 10 am on 25th of July. Moreover,  Al- Fayoum Culture Place organizes a major celebration including an artistic performance for Al- Fayoum Troup of Arab music in the open theater at 7 pm  on Tuesday, 23rd of July,  and a symposium entitled "July Revolution and social effects" will be held in Al- kanater Al- Khierya Culture Place at 7 pm. At the same day an artistic concert for  the Arabic Music Band  will be presented at Beni Suef Cultural Palace at 8 pm on Wednesday  24 July .

- In the West and Central Delta Region, Al Buhaira Culture Branch will hold a concert for the Arabic Music Band at the Public Library of Egypt in Damanhour at 7:00 pm on Thursday 25 July, in addition to a concert of the Arab Music Ensemble at Kafr El Dawar in the Social Club at 7 pm on Sunday, 28th of July. Plus,  an exhibition of Plastic Arts for Delta artists and an artistic workshop for children and young people will be held at 7 pm on Tuesday 23 July, in addition to a lecture entitled " July Revolution and Social Implications" and "Poetry Night" on July 23 at Shebin El Koum Culture Palace in Monofia Governorate, in addition to a a lecture entitled "The 23rd of July Revolution and the Social Effects" will be held under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed El-Hashash, Dr. Samah Jahine, Tarek Baraka, Mostafa Mansour at 7 pm on Tuesday 30 July .

- East Delta Cultural Region holds a seminar, workshops and artistic concert on 22 and 23 July at Mansoura Culture Palace, Zagazig Cultural Palace, Damietta Cultural Palace and the Cultural Center of Kafr El Sheikh.

- In Canal And Sina Cultural Region, on Sunday 21 July, at the Public Library of Port Said Cultural Palace, a lecture will be held on " Canal Nationalization -  the Egyptian Pulse", delivered by Amr Barakat.  At 8:00 pm Tuesday, 23 July ,at Suez Cultural Palace , a  seminar entitled "The role of women in the revolution of  23 July " will be presented  . In addition, at Sheikh Zayed Park in Ismailia at 8:00 pm on Thursday 25 July, a ceremony will be held including an artistic performances of the troupes:  children's folk arts, Arabic music and folk instruments. At 10 pm on Monday 22 July at Abu Zneima Culture House in South Sinai, a seminar entitled “July revolution - political, economic and social implications changed the face of social life in Egypt and the Arab world” lectures by Atif Hendawi.

- The cultural center of Upper Egypt will hold a lecture entitled "The Revolution of July and Social Justice" in Manfalut Culture Palace in Assiut at 10:00 pm on Monday 22 July. In the new valley, a lecture entitled "Heroes Made Victory" will be held at Sana'a Youth Center at 8:00 pm on 22 July. On 23 July , at Arab Al-Atawla youth center in Sohag at 10 am, a ceremony will be held, including a lecture entitled "Revolution of  23 July ",in addition to  a poetry meeting, a plastic arts workshop, and a lecture entitled "July Revolution and the Impacts " at the Egyptian Public Library in Minya.

- Aswan Cultural Branch organizes a cultural salon at 7 pm on Thursday 25 July at Aswan Cultural Palace, lectured by the great writer Ahmed Abu Khnejer. In Luxor Culture Place in Sidi Abu El Haggag Square at at 8:00 pm on Tuesday 23 July, an artistic performance will be presented by Luxor Arab Music Ensemble, in addition to a documentary film about the most important achievements of the revolution. In the Red Sea, a ceremony will be held including a lecture entitled "Achievements of the Revolution of 23 July", in addition to a historical competition at Umm Al Huwaitat House of Culture at 7 pm on Wednesday,  24 July, Plus,  a seminar”  the role of women in the revolution of July 23”  and an artistic show  for Qena Arab music band.

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