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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Statement in Graduation Ceremony of Military Academies and Anniversary of July 23,1952

Wednesday، 24 July 2019 - 01:42 PM

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful and Most Compassionate

Egypt’s Great People,

In this glorious day of Egypt’s eternal days and from the den of heroes; the Military Academy, which provides the homeland every year with the best men, we meet graduates of the military academies and institutions; Egypt’s youths and hope, who celebrate their graduation today to form renewable generations that protect the nation.

This ceremony coincides with Egypt’s celebration of the 67th anniversary of July 23 Revolution, which wrote with its great principles and lofty targets a bright page in the annals of Egypt’s history. This page shall be added to that of our people’s struggle and defence of its right to live in a proud and dignified homeland.

July Revolution managed to change life radically in Egypt. It made huge achievements for the people and made an in-depth shift in Egypt’s contemporary history, which ended an era and paved the way to another one.

I have to mention that this great Revolution’s impact did not only appear inside Egypt, but its aftermaths and feedback extended to all people’s, which looked for freedom and independence. The world witnessed fading out of the colonialism wave and a new era cropped up in which the international blocs of the Third World emerged to manage their capabilities and natural resources.

Let us greet late president Gamal Abdel Nasser, who led the July Revolution and adhered to its principles and constants to realize independence of the homeland and social justice for the Egyptians.

Let me also to greet the late president Mohamed Anwar Sadat, who contributed to revitalizing the Revolution, and the late president Mohamed Naguib, who struggled with many great men in opening the door of freedom and hope to the Egyptian people.

Egypt’s Great People,

We look to our status quo being a new chain of the history. We exert our utmost to construct and develop our nation to change this reality to the better in a way that makes us proud and satisfied.

The heinous terrorism tops our challenges throughout the past years. Thanks to the Egyptian brave military and police, we have managed to contain it and destroy its infrastructure, besides defeating the extremism hotbeds from which the terrorists come from to carry out their criminal schemes.

Egypt was in the front warning against this danger, and we called on the international community to close its ranks to safeguard the humanity from its woes and eradicate it.

The great Egyptian people proved that it had a strong determination and steadfastness to go forward, overcoming all hardships and challenges.

In this context, we are proceeding to face the long-time crises in the state. So, we have adopted an ambitious economic reform plan, that is basically relies on reconstruction of the national economy in a way it will become built on production, investment- luring and maximize benefit of the youths’ energies. In this regard, we made undebatable achievements, lauded by the world. Here, I have to state that it is our great people, which is the hero of this stage, thanks to its patience and endurance, we couldn’t have gone ahead in the process of construction and reform.

My sons graduates of the military academies and institutions, I tell you on this day as you start your practical life:

You start the most noble mission and bear the most noble message in defending the homeland’s dignity and its citizens’ resources and deterring any aggression on Egypt’s rights. You have to be armed with science, elite training, combativeness and the genuine Egyptian military values.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On this occasion, let me extend my greeting and appreciation to souls of our Egyptian martyrs, who have been always participating in defending the homeland’s pride and progress. We confirm to the martyrs’ families that we proudly remember them and view them alive in our hearts.

Fellow Citizens,

I confirm to you that our determination is fixed and unshakable to proceed together the march for the future. For this end, we bear the responsibility and commitment to elevate our dear homeland Egypt and preserve its high interests.

Honestly, I tell you that security and stability are the guarantee to make growth and progress, as the nations and civilizations are built by the leadership that enjoys support and effort of its citizens.

Today, I reiterate my pledge with you to go on hand in hand placing strong bases for progress and the future. I am full confident in our people’s awareness, cultural heritage and accurate understanding of the circumstances in Egypt to change our reality, inspired by the spirit of July Revolution. In conclusion, I greet and congratulate you, many happy returns of the day, and dear Egypt lives in safety and progress.

Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt…Long Live Egypt

May Allah’s Peace and Mercy Be Upon You

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