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Sisi opens several projects in Port Said, N.Sinai

Tuesday، 26 November 2019 - 04:37 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi attended on Tuesday 26/11/2019 the inauguration of a number of projects in Port Said and North Sinai governorates.

Upon his arrival in Port Said, Sisi was received by Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli, Defense Minister Mohamed Zaki and a number of ministers and senior statesmen.

The opening ceremony started with reciting verses of the holy Quran.

Giving a word at the opening of the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Magdi Ghazi said that several projects in small and medium-scale industries were implemented within President Sisi's initiative for youth employment to provide factories with licences for SMEs across Egypt's governorates.
Ghazi added that the initiative aims at providing a developmental solution to support industrial integration between large and small factories, along with contributing to encouraging investments in complementary and value-added industries to deepen local manufacturing.
The initiative is also meant to create a suitable environment to enable the private sector, youth and small investors to demonstrate their creativity in innovation and speeding up the process of obtaining ready-built factories.
The authority is keen on helping youth via providing them with factories having licences to enable them to achieve their dreams and put into action their ideas, Ghazi said.

Ghazi said that the Industrial Development Authority started to implement the presidential initiative for youth employment through the establishment of 16 industrial complexes that will secure 4,812 industrial units, with total investments amounting to 12 billion pounds, and setting up companies under the supervision of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority.

Ghazi said that 16 industrial complexes were built on two stages, noting that the first stage and 80% of the second have been finalized. The projects will secure 17,500 job opportunities, with an investment cost of 2 billion pounds.

Ghazi noted that the total area of the complex is 181,000 square meters and consists of 118 industrial units, each unit stretching over an area ranging from 420 to 1,080 square meters. Its interior area ranges from 300 to 840 square meters.

The total cost of the project reached 403 million pounds, he said.

A documentary, titled "steps towards the future," was screened following the opening ceremony. It showed the major achievements in Port Said and North Sinai governorates, including the construction of tunnels in South Port Said.

It also shed light on the 210-km-long June 30 axis that links Sinai and all over Egypt.

It also featured the first phase of the project of East Port Said harbor, at a length of five kilometers. It consists of 10 docks.

The documentary also highlighted the Sustainable Development Strategy: Egypt's Vision 2030.

Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone) Yehia Zaki said that since the issuance of a decision establishing the SCZone, several projects were implemented over the past three years in developing the East Port Said Industrial Zone.

The geographical scope of the Suez Canal Economic Zone is located in five governorates: Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, North Sinai and South Sinai, Zaki added.

The total area of the economic zone is 460 square kilometers, including six ports and four industrial zones, Zaki said.

The economic zone also includes three harbors on the Mediterranean Sea; West Port Said, East Port Said and El-Tor ports, Zaki said, adding and three ports on the Red Sea in the Gulf of Suez; Adabiya, Sokhna and El-Tor ports.

Head of the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone) Yehia Zaki said the targeted sectors in the zone are planned to form integrated industrial economic segments and localize industries and activities of high demand. Turning the zone into an axial point in global supply chains and opening the market for several maritime activities are also the aim, he said.

He cited efforts exerted by the state to develop and renovate the national roads networks in terms of establishing a number of new corridors and roads and upgrading others to facilitate transportation and development in new areas.

The mega project of establishing new tunnels under the Suez Canal in the canal governorates has linked Sinai with the rest of the nation which also reflected on easy communication and connection of the zone with the new roads and tunnels network, he said.

Minister of Youth and Sport Dr Ashraf Sobhi said that establishing the indoor stadium in El Arish is one of the achievements of the ministry in North Sinai governorate with the aim of creating a new generation capable of competition with an integrated personality and feels loyal and grateful to the homeland.

Addressing the opening of a number of national projects in Port Said and North Sinai, the minister said the indoor stadium is multi-functional and includes an audio room, administrative offices, a parking lot, a VIP lounge, a restaurant, an information center, a meeting room and lockers.

He pointed out to the establishment of a sports center for youth at Al Gadi village, north Sinai and Al Rawdah youth center in Bir al Abd area, currently being established at costs reaching eight million pounds.

Minister of Housing Assem el Gazzar said 292 projects to establish and upgrade roads along 5360 km, including 716 km within the national roads network are being implemented at an estimated cost reaching EGP 39 billion.

Some 237 projects worth EGP 18.3 have been completed, while 55 others are in the making with a cost of EGP 20.5 billion, he said.

The minister reviewed the June 30 corridor, saying it is a vital one at the national, local and regional level and creates new development opportunities and redistribution of the population in a balanced way.

Fifty specialized contractor companies have jointly established the corridor, he said, adding that the team behind the project includes 75,000 engineers and workers who used 3,500 equipment throughout the project.

Head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority Ihab el Far said the authority has implemented, in coordination with all the state bodies and sectors 2343 projects at costs amounting to EGP 822 billion.

More than 1440 national companies and more than five million engineers, technicians and workers have taken part in these projects, he added.

He pointed out to coordination with the Ministry of Housing to implement 232 housing projects, 183 of which have been constructed. The projects comprise 250,000 housing units and the figure will reach 275,000 at the end of this year.

He thanked the Armed Forces General Command for the constant support during the implementation of the projects in various fields.

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