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The Egyptian-US Relations

Thursday، 30 March 2017 - 12:00 AM

Egyptian-US bilateral relations witnessed significant developments that contributed to the improvement of relations. Within this context, these developments highlighted a growing special relationship between the two countries through direct and indirect multiple contacts.

Features of Egyptian-US strategy

The US foreign policy depends on several pivotal countries in different parts of the world including Egypt. The US foreign policy decision maker has tried to benefit from Egypt’s strategic geographic location and history that dates back to thousands of years.

US strategic interests in Egypt

Camp David Accords: Since the signing of the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel, the Egyptian-Israeli peace keeping was the focus of strengthening the strong relations between the two countries.

Advantages of the Suez Canal: The Suez Canal is the main corridor for the maritime transport between the continents of the world.

Cooperation with Egyptian Army to counter terrorism: The Egyptian Army is the stability factor in the Middle East since the July 23rd revolution and until now. The importance of the Egyptian Army has increased after the Arab spring revolutions and the collapse of the armies of some Arab countries, such as Syria and Libya, as well as the emergence of extremist groups in these countries. Thus, it was very important for the USA to strengthen its relations with the only cohesive military institution in the Arab region to help maintaining stability and counter terrorism.

Egyptian strategic interests in US

Modernizing Egyptian military capabilities: Egypt gets military aids annually from USA for upgrading the Egyptian Army capabilities.

Keeping strategic balance in Middle East: Egypt is the strongest Arab country in achieving strategic balance with the countries in the non-Arab Middle East region, including Israel, Turkey and Iran.

Supporting Egypt's regional and international role: There is ongoing coordination between Egypt and the USA since the era of the late President Anwar Sadat in the international and regional issues such as the Palestinian cause.

During the last four decades, Egypt and the USA have been dealing with their compatibility and differences, though; there are still areas to develop a better relationship.


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