18 July 2018 09:05 AM
Technology Parks... Idea, Objectives and Implementation Mechanisms

Laying down the foundation of technology parks all over Egypt is considered one of the leading developmental national projects adopted by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency "ITIDA", affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

2017…Year of Egyptian Woman

The State ensures achievement of equality between woman and man in terms of all civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

Egypt… Between Elapsing Year and Hopeful One

Egypt… Between Elapsing Year and Hopeful One

The Evolution of the Parliamentary Life in Egypt in 150 Years

After the dissolution of the High Council in 1837, Egypt remained until 1866 without a real Parliament. The Privy Council created in 1847, enacted laws and regulations. On October 22, 1866, it issued the Articles of Association and the Statute of the Advisory Council of Representatives.

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