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Economic Relations

Thursday، 17 December 2015 12:00 AM

Egyptian exports do not exceed the value of 500 thousand pounds yearly, and consist mainly of food, construction material that are imported by some Lebanese or Iraqi traders.

There are no Egyptian companies in Guinea, many businessmen have visited Conakry over the recent period, and unanimously agreed on the high potentials of the Guinean market to absorb Egyptian products, and investment but the absence of political and economic stability, which intensified during the last decade, did not encourage the Egyptian businessmen

Contractual Framework

• Technical Cooperation Agreement between the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa and the Guinean government in March 1998 and updated in June 2006
• Protocol on cooperation in the field of higher education between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt and the Ministry of Higher Education in Guinea in April 2004
• Cooperation agreement in the field of tourism in 2004, signed on the sidelines of the visit of the Guinean Minister of Tourism to Egypt
• Cooperation agreement between the chambers of commerce in the two countries in January 2002
• Commercial cooperation agreement signed in September 2000 on the sidelines of the meetings of African Ministers of Trade
• Agreement on Cooperation between the Foreign Ministries of both countries in December 1999, for a period of three years and is renewed automatically
• A twinning agreement between the exhibition and fairs bodies in both countries in March 1999
• General agreement for economic and technical cooperation in December 1999
• Agreement on Cooperation in the field of health and medicine in November 1999
• Agreement on Cooperation in the field of air transport March 1998
• Agreement to encourage and protect investment in March 1998

With regard to the Joint Commission, five sessions have convened as of March 25, 1982 to push forward the cooperation between the two countries as follows:

• The first session in Conakry - February
• The second session in Cairo, 7 to 9 February 1987
• Third session in Conakry - March 1988
• Fourth session in Cairo, 19 to 22 December 1990
• Fifth session in Cairo, 18 to 20 December 2004

The fifth session of the Joint Committee discussed some pending issues as follows:
• Setting up a medical center funded Egypt that would provide the necessary equipment, while the Guinean side is to provide the land suitable for this project in an appropriate place in the capital
• The establishment of an Egyptian cultural center in Guinea
• The Guinean side is to consider the draft protocol of cooperation in the field of information submitted by Egypt

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