22 September 2019 08:23 AM

Egypt State Information Service (SIS)

Samples of the British Tourist Organs Sent to the Analysis Laboratories, will be delivered to his relatives

Some British media outlets have published flawed reports of the arrival of the body of the British tourist David Humphries following his death in Hurghada without the heart and kidneys. Some newspapers have been quick to claimsnatching by "organ thieves" (Daily Mail) and organs theft (The Sun).

Mostafa El Naggar is not in custody and the authorities have no knowledge of his whereabouts

The State Information Service (SIS) released a statement regarding what is being circulated by some foreign media outlets regarding the status of Dr. Mostafa Al Naggar, a dentist, former Member of parliament, and one of the founders of the Justice Party. The news circulated ranged from allegations o

The State Information Service (SIS) denounces Human Rights Watch’s Report

Human Rights Watch published a report on 11/10/2018 on the alleged torture of an Egyptian American citizen named Khalid Hassan,

Foreign media coverage of voting second day confirms continued absence of irregularities and violations

680 foreign correspondents (540 accredited & resident - 140 visiting) continued their coverage of the second day of the Egyptian presidential elections without any mention of problems or hurdles impeding their tours of the polling stations

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