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Dakhla: Ain al-Jabal well and Mut wells

Wednesday، 20 April 2016 - 03:47 PM
Dakhla: Ain al-Jabal well and Mut wells


It is one of the oases of the Sahara Desert and a city and center in the New Valley Governorate in Egypt, extending about 80 km from east to west and 25 km from north to south. It is located on the road linking Farafra in the north and Kharga in the east. This oasis contains more than 500 hot springs.



It is located three kilometers from Mut city, the capital of Dakhla. It is a group of self-flowing wells, originating from a depth of 1,224 metres. These wells are distinguished by their hot water, which reaches a temperature of 43 degrees Celsius.


According to laboratory analyzes conducted by health affairs in the governorate, the water from these wells contains many mineral elements that are therapeutically useful in cases of rheumatism, psoriasis, and physical pain.


Two swimming pools were built next to these wells, one for adults and the other for children. Sleeping rooms were also set up for visitors to the area to stay in. It was also provided with a restaurant and cafeteria. The area is connected by a paved road, and is located on the road leading to tourist attractions


Ain al-Jabal well:

 It is located 52 kilometers from the city of Mut. This spring has recently exploded, and no physical therapy places have yet been established. Its water temperature reaches 54 degrees Celsius.


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