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Sisi addresses nation with start of wheat harvest in 1.5-million-feddan

Thursday، 05 May 2016 - 03:23 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi reviewed several mammoth national projects worth billions, topped by the 1.5 million feddan project, water treatment stations project, Sinai development project, the national power project, the New Suez Canal, and Suez Canal development axis project.


Addressing the Egyptian people on the wheat harvest day in the new 1.5-million-feddan reclamation project in Sahel el-Ghab in the New Valley, Sisi hailed Egyptian youths who raised high the name of Egypt, referring to the handball team that won the African tournament and qualified for the Olympics as well as other athletes who won international ranks in weightlifting, boxing, judo and taekwondo.


President Sisi said he will present in June a report to the Egyptians on the achievements realized during the past two years.


Sisi said what was realized over the past two years is "unprecedented" and it is hard for any country to realize these achievements in such period.


President Sisi said the 1.5 million feddan project is meant to set up a new agro-urban community.


He said "we solved a lot of bureaucratic problems and got approvals that could have taken 10 to 15 years."


He added that 1,000 wells were dug and this is enough for cultivating 400,000 feddans.


Sisi said "we need 60 billion EGP to prepare 1.5 million feddans to be available for farmers and investors."


The President said the project will be totally completed in four years. It is a mammoth national project that includes 4.5 million feddans.


As for the national roads network, he said 5,000 km roads were accomplished along with 135 bridges - that will be 150 bridges by the end of the year - at total investments of 80 billion EGP.


He said this is meant to make people's life easier, contribute to development and encourage foreign investments.


The President said over 20 to 30 billion EGP were spent on the Sinai development project so far without tunnels digging.


Tunnel digging alone could have taken 12 or 13 years, but it was accomplished in two years at 80 billion EGP cost, he said.


Efforts are underway to establish fisheries, 15 marble factories, two cement production lines as well as industrial zones and an agricultural zone.


Two water treatment stations - at 7 million cubic meter daily capacity each - will be set up to secure pure water for agriculture in Sinai, he said.


As for the Suez Canal axis development project, Sisi said an authority for developing the Suez Canal economic zone was set up, noting that a western official has told Sisi that your management and work in Egypt attract attention.


He said Egyptians secured needed funds for expanding the Suez Canal.


He noted that a ship ran aground almost a month and half ago, but the problem was handled, expounding that the loss could have reached 1.060 billion EGP and navigation in the canal could have been suspended if the new Suez Canal did not exist.


He said the Suez Canal revenues increased.


President Sisi said the largest part of the social housing project - that will serve more than 600,000 people - will be handed over next April.


Sisi noted that there is a plan for handling slum areas problem via securing 50,000 housing units.


Sisi said water treatment stations were established.


Sisi added that electrical power production was doubled to 54,000 mega watts at 400 billion EGP cost.


He added that 7 new cities are being set up in eastern Port Said, New Ismailia, New Suez and Galala city.


In August, a 20,000 feddan fishery will be opened in Kafr el-Sheikh, he added.

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