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Sisi urges society to fight illegal migration, regrets Rosetta boat sinking

Monday، 26 September 2016 - 02:07 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi expressed regret over the drowning of over 160 persons when an illegal migration boat sank at Rosetta last week.

At the inauguration ceremony of the "Bashayer el Khair" housing project in Alexandria, the president asked everyone present to observe a minute of silence over the victims.

He urged the Egyptian society to fight illegal migration either to or from Egypt. The society has to work with the State institutions to fight these practices, he said.

Sisi announced that a new aquaculture project will be established at the tragedy’s location, saying it could be the largest-ever in Egypt.

The aquaculture project has started a year ago and is expected to open , the President said, noting that it would need between 5,000 and 6,000 workers. Also six or eight factories are ready to operate in the industrial zone in Kafr El Sheikh with each needing about 100 workers, he said.

The President admitted that today’s housing project was supposed to be inaugurated before the Eid vacation but it was not completed back then, saying that it was the duty of those in charge to fight bureaucracy. 

President Sisi said there were sides that wish to see Egypt become a country of refugees but Egypt will not be.

The President added that there are two fish farming projects that are about to be completed; one in East Port Said and the other in Kafr El Sheikh.

The President said that the media have a huge responsibility in reviving hope among citizens, pointing out to underway projects, such as the furniture city in Damietta and the leather tannery city in Roubiky.

Speaking about SMEs, he said the state should help youths and junior investors in getting lands and loans for projects.

President Sisi spoke about the State’s efforts to fight hepatitis C (HCV), saying he wishes that Egypt, which has the world’s highest HCV prevalence rate, to be free from the virus in two years.

There are currently not HCV waiting lists at the Health Ministry, the president said while delivering a speech at the opening of “Bashayer el Khair” housing project in Alexandria on Monday.

The civil society had a huge role that surprised the whole world in reducing HCV infection rates but still prevention culture needs to be instilled in the society, Sisi said.

Turning to social housing, he said that 600,000 turnkey units will be provided in June and there are currently 75,000 units, out of a total 160,000, being constructed for life-risky areas and are expected to be completed in June as well.

The whole project will be finished in June 2018, he added.

On social insurance and pensions, he said social insurance is serving nearly 2.5 million families and the state will continue to work strongly in this regard.

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