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Sun falls perpendicular on "Amoun" &"Montu Ra" Roman temple in Luxor

Wednesday، 26 October 2016 - 03:40 AM

The sun   passes over on the two paintings that represent the statues of Amun Ra and Montu in the temple known as the Roman (ISIS Temple – Shelwit) at the West Bank area in Luxor.


The temple was built on the axis of the sun to receive the sun twice a year in 23rd October, and 20 of February.


 It is worthy that Deir el-Shelwit was built when Egypt was ruled by the Romans and is thus one of the last temples of the Egyptian religion. It was discovered in the 19th  century but has only recently been fully renovated and opened to the public. It is in a remote region just south of Luxor.


With Luxor itself being such a treasure house of high Egyptian culture, it is easy to ignore these later monuments, but they are well worth adding to your itinerary.


 Deir el-Shelwit is similar to several other local and related temples, such as that of Hathor at Deir el Medina.


Deir el-Shelwit is dedicated to the goddess Isis, and is thus a very rare exception in this region where the god Amun is king.

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