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(1 - 2 November, 2016)

5th Global Summit on City Tourism

Sunday، 30 October 2016 - 07:13 AM

 Egypt hosts the 5th Global Summit on City Tourism: “Cities: Local Culture for Global Travellers” from 1 - 2 November, 2016 in Luxor.

Objectives of the Summit:

·    - To create  an interdisciplinary platform on which city destinations exchange different experiences in city tourism development and can aquire a detailed understanding of the new paradigms in city tourism and can set a shared vision to adapt to change.

·     - To provide a comprehensive framework of the extrinsic and intrinsic changes in city tourism as regards planning, governance and operational processes.

·        - To highlight the mutual impact of tourism and urban development at different scales of cities around the world

·        - To explore the ways of maximizing the quality visitor experience while safeguarding and enhancing the quality of life for the local community by providing economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits.

Themes covered:

·      - City Tourism patterns; positioning city tourism in the global marketplace: Quantitative and qualitative approach.

·      - Sustainable development and effective management of competitive city destinations as complex and diverse systems of interrelated economic, social and environmental phenomena and networks: “overall quality visitor experience”.

·     - Spatial organization and rejuvenation of “tourist cities”: Sustainable cultural tourism in cities as a catalyst for revenue generation for innovative practices in heritage conservation and management.

·        - Innovation in city tourism product.

·        - Cross-cultural behavior: visitor and the hosts, livable and lovable cities.

·        - Adapting to new business models.

Targeted participants:

·        - National Tourism Administrations/Organizations

·        - UNWTO Affiliate Members

-Local authorities, municipalities and international and/ or regional associations/networks  of local authorities

·        - City DMOs

·        - Convention Bureaus

·        - Travel trade representatives

·        - Public  authorities in charge of transport

·        - Cultural institutions

·        - Academic institutions, scientists and experts related  to  city tourism research

·        - Urban planners, architects

·        - ICT providers

5th Global Summit on City Tourism Agenda.docx
5th Global Summit on City Tourism Website

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