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Wednesday، 04 January 2017 - 04:06 PM

Year of the Egyptian Youth

Within the celebrations of the Egyptian Youth Day, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced that 2016 is the year of the Egyptian youth during which they will be qualified through systematic and scientific system in the framework of the presidential program for the rehabilitation of the young people for the leadership. This program  will be the base model for  all bodies and state institutions for the rehabilitation of young people, it took  group  of decisions and directives to activate the role of youth in the national labor system version, was assigned to the central bank taking advantage of all the banking sectors who  have  the potential to implement a comprehensive and integrated program of support and development of small and medium enterprises owned by young people to reach not less than 20% of total loans over the next four years.

The Ministry of Housing has constructed 145 thousand units of social housing for young people during the year 2016 with a total cost of 20 billion pounds, has also been allocated an appropriate proportion of land ownership for young people from the farming project "one and a half million acres" to take advantage of government funding for youth program.

The Egyptian knowledge bank

The Egyptian knowledge bank is one of the largest and most comprehensive banks of knowledge in the world as it contains cognitive and educational resources, cultural and research and the largest publishing houses and global production houses and specialized expertise, it also considered the leading enterprises in the world in terms of availability on the national level.

The First National Youth Conference

Activities of the First National Youth Conference were held  in October 2016, in order to develop an integrated form between the state and the young people, the activities included discussions to evaluate the youth political participation in parliament, and the relationship experience between the  public freedoms and political participation by the  young people, vision of the young people to the reform of higher education and scientific research system, and their vision to connect the education system by labor market, and the impact of film and drama in the formation of the collective consciousness and the  behavior of young people, and to study the causes of violence in stadiums and how to return the masses, and the role of small and medium enterprises in the elimination of unemployment, and the challenges of the Egyptian state in the consolidation of the principles of democracy and public freedoms in light of security challenges, and the causes of illegal immigration and how to solve them, and have been reviewing opportunities for active participation of young people in local elections, and to discuss economic issues and the vision of young people for the future  , the study of the adverse effects on the Egyptian character and ways of treatment

Presidential program forum for the rehabilitation of young people for leadership

Within the framework of Egyptian youth support held the first forum to simulate the state in July 2016, in three separate forums under the slogan «simulate the Egyptian state», represent a simulation of the state apparatus and workshops for scholars presidential program models for the rehabilitation of young people to leadership, attended the forum a large number of ministers and members of people's councils The heads of government bodies, the Forum included 19 model for the simulation who  represents all institutions and organs of the state and the House of Representatives and control devices and boards of human rights, in addition to 35 different workshop include all sectors of the state politically, socially, economically and administratively.

World Conference on Dar al-Ifta

activities of the World Conference launched in Dar al-Ifta in October 2016, the conference was held under the title: (scientific training and rehabilitation  for imams Muslim minorities), as part of the framework of the efforts of the Egyptian Fatwa for the renewal of religious discourse and motivate the community  especially the young people to work, production and  to change the  behavior  to the positive and constructive, the conference discussed the role of the advisory institutions in the Muslim world toward social, political and legal threats and Muslim minorities, and how to deal with it, and find a coordination mechanism between the bodies and the advisory role of the various minorities in the world.

Care and Dignity Program

 The Ministry of Social Solidarity began in collaboration with some of the ministries in implementing the  monetary support in order to support the poor families  in the villages of Upper Egypt, and in some areas close to the governorates of Cairo, Giza, where  some families suffer from extreme poverty through  the program  entitled Care and Dignity, the implementation of these programs is part of the social protection network, where these programs, in the first  phase, benefit  more than half a million Egyptians  who can have access to cash support, and the final cost estimated to the  project is  5.6 billion pounds and the implementation in three phases  in order to provide cash support to three million  of poor families over four years.

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