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Islamic monuments in the Oases

Sunday، 27 August 2017 - 02:30 PM

The New Valley contains a number of Islamic monuments include:

Al Bashindi

The village of Bashindi 20 kilometers from Mut, the administrative centre of the oasis, is a small settlement containing mud brick houses and streets covered with golden sand. The most important feature of the site is the Roman tomb dating to the first century AD and another dating from the Islamic period, built from the stones of a temple buried in the vicinity.

Al Qasr

This situated to the north of Mut and contains an early Islamic mosque (6th/7th century). This village was the capital of the oasis during the Ayyubid period. It contains the palace (Qasr) of the Governor, from which the town takes its name. This palace was constructed on the site of an ancient Egyptian village. Nowadays the village is famous for its earthenware and its palm leaf basketry.

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