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Egypt's envoy to UN calls to activate cessation of hostilities in Syria

Saturday، 03 March 2018 - 10:54 AM

Egypt's Envoy to the United Nations Alaa Youssef called Friday on the international community to seriously act on activating the cessation of hostilities in Syria.


During an emergency session of the UN Human Rights Council on the situation in Eastern Ghouta, Youssef urged the international community to effectively work on activating the cessation of hostilities as a basis for restoring stability in Syria.


He called for the comprehensive implementation of UN Security Council resolution no. 2401 which aims to establish a continuous humanitarian truce in eastern Ghouta for 30 days and provide humanitarian aid, as well as safe exit for civilians.


Youssef underlined the need for the medical evacuation of the sick and injured, in addition to reaching a comprehensive truce throughout the country in preparation for pushing for a political settlement led by the UN Special Envoy in Syria in accordance with Resolution 2254.


He pointed out that Egypt condemns in the strongest terms the use of violence against civilians and public institutions that are targeted by various parties of the conflict.


In addition, he underscored that Egypt was part of the group responsible for drafting the UN Security Council resolution no. 2165 on the passage of cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria.


He stressed the importance of mobilizing international efforts to confront extremist groups, such as Daesh and Al Nusra Front that fuel conflicts and cause the suffering of the Syrian people, which result in humanitarian catastrophe.


He also underlined the dire need to halt external support for extremist groups.



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