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Zubaida's mother remanded in custody for spreading false news after BBC hoax report

Saturday، 03 March 2018 - 02:50 PM

Prosecutor General Nabil Ahmed Sadeq has decided to remand in custody for 15 days pending investigation Mona Mahmoud Ahmed, the mother of Zubaida Ibrahim Ahmed, for claiming that her daughter had forcibly disappeared and was tortured by the Egyptian security forces.

Mona Mahmoud faces charges of spreading false reports that endanger the Egyptian national interest and joining an outlawed armed group that calls for suspending the constitution and laws, spreading extremist and takfiri thoughts and attempting to topple the ruling regime and assault army and police personnel and vital facilities with the aim of causing public disorder and endangering social peace and national stability and security.

She appeared in a fabricated report aired by the BBC on alleged cases of forced disappearances in Egypt.

Then, in a TV interview conducted by renowned anchor Amr Adib, Zubaida Ibrahim refuted claims by a BBC report about her "forced disappearance".

The 25-year-old woman added that she is living in the Giza neighborhood of Faisal and did not know anything about the story made about her. She is currently living with her husband and son and has no contact with her Muslim Brotherhood member mother.


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