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President Sisi's Speech at Lailat al-Qadr Celebration

Tuesday، 12 June 2018 - 01:32 PM

In the Name of Allah the Almighty,

Your Eminent Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar,

Reverend Sheikhs,

Egypt’s Distinguished Guests,

May Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon You

Allow me in the beginning to welcome Egypt’s distinguished guests from the Arab and the Islamic world, and extend my greetings and appreciation to you, and all the Egyptians and Muslims worldwide, and May Many Happy Returns.

Ladies and Gentlemen

We gather here today to celebrate a blessed Night that has a special place in the hearts of all Muslims worldwide… a Night in the holy month of Ramadan that is full of goodness, blessings and forgiveness; a Night that is better than a thousand nights. It is a great Night as Allah the Almighty had revealed the Quran and had bestowed upon it with a special status. In this Night, Allah wanted to reward his faithful slaves and even to double their rewards. As we are celebrating this Night, we ask Allah the Almighty to protect our dear homeland from all harm and evil and bless us and our Arab and Islamic nations with goodness, benevolence and peace.

I cannot miss in this special occasion to greet the reverend scholars of Al-Azhar and of the Ministry of Awkaf (Endowment), who work on rectifying the misconceptions about the tolerant Islam, explaining its moderate approach, addressing extremism, facing the deviant ideology and upholding the human and ethical values and love among all peoples.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us inspire from Lailatul Qadr “the Night of Power in which the first verses of Quran were revealed to the Prophet” the wisdom and advice. Despite all the multiple chances of reward which Allah had bestowed upon us in this sacred Night, yet grabbing such an opportunity is closely related to work and exerting effort, as we cannot ask Allah for his forgiveness without working, even in Lailatul Qadr, when Allah had abundantly offered his benefactions.

There will be no good without work; this is the principle upon which the deep-rooted Islamic civilization was founded. Such a civilization, which had witnessed a boom in various aspects of economic, scientific and cultural domains, to the extent that the Arabic language was then considered the language of the scholars and the Muslim scholars had become the origin of the modern sciences.

It is the principle on which all those who wish to succeed account on whether individuals or groups. This is, also, the principle on which we, people and government, depend on to change our reality and create a new prosperous one for us and our children in the future.

In the past years, Egypt has faced major challenges, but the will of the Egyptian people has been solid enough to tame these challenges, where they revolted to protect their homeland and create a better morrow. The Egyptians were united against the forces of evil and darkness that tried to threaten their homeland’s security and sow seeds of sedition. The people offered their blood and souls for the sake of this dear country and defended its stability. They patiently tolerated difficult economic conditions. They continued their work to reform and build a modern state and developed society. They amazed the world with their ability to fulfill achievements in many fields.

The Great People of Egypt,

Dear Honorable and Noble People,

On this blessed Night in this blessed month, the month of Quran and forgiveness, mercy, honesty and patience, in which Allah revealed the Holy Quran to guide man to goodness, peace and construction and to warn against evil, division and harm, we pray to Allah Almighty to keep us on the right path of good and construction and provide us with power of determination, restraint, and vigilance in work, production, excellence and mastery in all aspects of life, and crown our work and effort with success.

Thank you and May Happy Returns, as Egypt is living in peace, progress and prosperity,

Long live Egypt… long live Egypt… long live Egypt.

May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah Be Upon you

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