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Sisi launches Nour Hayah initiative

Sunday، 27 January 2019 - 01:15 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Saturday 26/1/2019 attended the launch ceremony of "Nour Hayah" initiative. Implemented by Long Live Egypt (Tahya Misr) Fund, the initiative aims to treat diseases causing blindness and poor vision. The initiative targets examining 5 million elementary school students in addition to 2 million needy people nationwide. Under it one million prescription glasses will be provided and 250 thousand eye operations will be performed to those who need them.

President Sisi said "Nour Hayah" aims to treat Egyptians' eyes, perform corneal transplants, provide medical glasses and launch a medical survey of children's sight strength. Benefiting from the sum of EGP 1 billion it possesses, the Long Live Egypt Fund has been able to contribute to the launch of the "Nour Hayah" initiative, he added.

President Sisi hailed support showed by the Egyptian people and investors for Long Live Egypt (Tahya Misr) Fund. The Fund supports the government's efforts in economic, social and humanitarian fields, the president said in an address he gave at the launching ceremony of "Nour Hayah" initiative.

Tahya Misr Fund was launched with a capital of EGP 1 billion provided by the Armed Forces in 2014, followed by donations from businessmen and state institutions, he added.

Sisi hailed all Egyptians who support the fund.

The Fund contributes to treating children with renal failure, Sisi revealed. It will also help provide urgently needed 1,000 kidney dialysis units, he added.

He added that the state faces a problem of feeding school children, describing the budget allocated by the government for school meals as "inadequate". The sustainability of initiatives, especially those related to feeding school children, is vital in Egypt, Sisi stressed. "We need to build a completely strong generation for the future."

President Sisi affirmed the need to resort to scientific methods to do better and raise a new strong future generation, noting that families should make it a point to prepare themselves well psychologically and healthwise before having a baby. Families should make sure that they are always giving their children the best care they can physically and psychologically, he stressed. He called for having effective public awareness campaigns to help mothers-to-be to take good care for their babies to ensure that they are fit and healthy.

Addressing the ceremony, Investment and International Cooperation Minister Sahar Nasr, who also serves as chairman of the fund's executive committee, said president Sisi was the first to contribute to the fund. She hailed the social role played by the Long Live Egypt Fund as a partner in community development and important projects.

A documentary was displayed about “Nour Hayah” initiative which is sponsored by president Sisi and financed by a sum of EGP 1 billion provided by Tahya Misr Fund.

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