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Studies in Human Rights (Issue No.3 - January 2019)

Sunday، 24 February 2019 - 12:00 AM


Human rights in its comprehensive sense                           Diaa Rashwan

Human Social Rights                                                           
Abdelmoeti Abu zaid

Periodical Profile “Social dimensions of human rights”

Introduction                                                                         Dr. Ahmed Zayed

The right to education in Egypt                                           Dr. Sami Nassar 

Development in Egypt: Concept and Strategies                  Mohsen Awad 

Social Protection Policies in Egypt                                      Dr. Abdou El Ashry

NGOs and  protecting social rights in Egypt                       Dr. Asmaa Farid Elregal

Studies and Researches  

Egyptian judiciary and human rights principles                  Councilor  Sanaa Khalil

International NGOs and Politicization Affliction                Dr. Mohamed Shawky  

Universal Criminal Jurisdiction as a Last Resort                Councilor Hany Georgy

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