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Sisi: Terrorism would not have succeeded if not supported by some countries

Saturday، 14 September 2019 - 12:31 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said on Saturday 14/09/2019 that terrorism would not have succeeded if not supported by some countries.

Addressing a session of the National Youth Conference, he added that the Egyptian army is the pillar of the whole region.

He further noted that weakening the power of the national state is the main goal of terrorism. Terrorism was used for destroying Syria and Libya along with other countries in central Africa, said the president, adding that terrorism is now seeking to undermine the Egyptian state.

President Sisi confirmed that the religious discourse should cope up with modern age.

President Sisi said terrorism would have not succeeded unless it had not been supported by countries, such as in Pakistan.

Sisi noted that he mentioned Pakistan as an example because it is home to the Taliban group, which he said has been recruiting youths from different countries for about eight years.

President Sisi noted that the September 11 attacks were a turning point in the history of terrorism, stressing that there must have been a US reaction in retaliation for the attacks, which he said has happened then in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He added that the phenomenon has been used to achieve political targets and drain the states’ capabilities.

The Americans said they paid trillions of dollars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Sisi said, noting in this regard that many countries can be deceived by measures that can only be seen after a period of time due to plots.

Sisi said terrorism hit Syria in 2011 through 2013, while it remained in Egypt after 2011 because what he described as the immunity of the Egyptian state that had been affected by incidents that took place then.

What happened in Egypt was a public movement, but its final outcome was weakening capabilities of the national state, Sisi said, noting that this has led to the appearance of little powers.

Sisi pointed out to what happened in Syria where countries used the same concept to destroy the country.

President Sisi added that explosive devices are used instead of traditional weapons, which are of a high cost and require bringing terror groups from all countries of the world, training and paying them.

Terrorism is like cancer, Sisi said, noting that Egypt has suffered losses that "we did not talk about".

He also warned of those who attempt to distort the great value of the Egyptian army.


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