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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Statement at Sustainable Development Summit UN General Assembly

Thursday، 26 September 2019 - 09:46 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen; Heads of State and Government,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me pleasure to meet you to exchange points of views after four years since approval of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, that is considered one of the most important achievements of the international multilateral action.

No doubt, the recent years have witnessed new achievements and approaches that have contributed to promotion of the development’s concepts, however the way is still long to reach what we have agreed on, because the human, economic, political, social and security challenges have become interacted altogether.

Out of this concept, the efforts exerted to accelerate achievement of the sustainable development’s target necessitate to move in the following axes:

First: To build on the political commitment of all member states and international and regional organizations towards this vital issue, and mass the efforts to establish a sustainable serious collective action to score its end according to the national priorities of every country.

Second: Raising our efforts to provide the due finance through a proper and motivated international atmosphere to flow the required resources in a way that fits the current challenges without imposing political conditions or certain socio-economic development types.

Third: To rapidly execute the approaches and strategies which target raising the states' capabilities, mainly efficiency of the national institutions, human resources and connect science and technology with the development process as a whole.

Mr. President,

Egypt has placed sustainable development on top of its national priorities and adopted a national plan that conforms with and contributes to implementation of UN Agenda 2030. This was embodied in Egypt's sustainable development "Vision 2030".

These efforts target providing jobs, empowering women and youth, upgrading health and education sectors and attempting to boost linkage between building our technological potentials and raising all our economic and social positions. We have not also ignored responding to the environment challenges mainly facing repercussions of climate.

Mr. President,

As we have an international consensus on the definite objectives of the United Nations, our African continent have realized importance of casting its vision that meets ambitions and needs of its peoples through "Africa Agenda 2063". No doubt, the international community has an interest to support this developmental frame, not only out of solidarity, but also out of the concept of the common destiny, taking into consideration that success of these efforts will bring positive aftermaths on the global economy and success of the UN's vision to achieve the sustainable development.

Thank You


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