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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's Speech on Occasion of 46th Anniversary of 6th of October, 1973 Victory

Tuesday، 08 October 2019 - 03:17 PM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

The Great People of Egypt,

Today, Egypt celebrates one of its greatest and most glorious days; it is the day of crossing the watershed between despair and hope, the past and the future. The 6th of October, 1973 anniversary does not represent merely an impressive military victory achieved aptly by the Armed Forces; rather it is a unique embodiment of the solid will of a nation and the cohesion of  a great people, who drove invincible power and unbending strength from their time-honored history.

The Honorable Egyptian People,

It is the right of today’s generations to know from us what happened in that period, as we lived those days and so it is incumbent upon us to accurately clarify how the test was so severe and how the Egyptians passed it and how they joined hands and stood together backing their Armed Forces; henceforth, the entire Egyptian people became an army that made a victory out of this saga; a victory that regained dignity and opened doors wide for restoring the land side by side with achieving peace.

The Great People of Egypt,

It is the fate of this homeland to be always prone to tremendous waves that mostly come from abroad; but they are always broken by the cohesion and tenacity of the Egyptian people who are closely tied to their land by a strong bond and to their national army by a pledge of safeguarding the land, protecting the people and preserving national dignity.

Throughout the past decades, forms and methods of war have drastically changed to directly target the peoples’ morale and reach citizens within their homes through new methods of media and communication. It is a ferocious war that aims at arousing suspicion and confusion, sowing the seeds of fear and terrorism and destroying bonds of trust between the citizen and his national institutions by portraying the state as if it is the enemy while depicting the external parties that wage such war as if they are the fortress and shelter.

In this war that depends on deceit, lies and rumors, victory hinges strongly on every citizen’s awareness, concepts, ideas and beliefs. Thus, I am fully confident that victory will be ours in this draconian war as I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people, driven by their genuine intuition, can differentiate between truth and lies, and this genuine people have tired of deception, deceivers and groundless allegations against their homeland.

The Egyptian people who astonished the whole world by accomplishing in 1973 that all perceived as impossible on one hand and maintaining peace in the Middle East for long decades afterwards on the other, enduring for that sake endless series of ferocious attacks and skepticism, can aptly continue achieving victories, safeguard their homeland and protect their state and institutions; having a conviction that they are honest national institutions that work to preserve their security, maintain stability and maximize achievements.

The Egyptian Great People,

On the anniversary of the glorious October victory, we salute with respectful tribute and sincere appreciation the soul of the great hero and martyr late President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat; the man who shouldered such an unbearable responsibility, thus deserving the trust of Egypt and its people. He was a patriotic leader with a strategic genius, who put his country and the people’s interest above any other consideration and anchored it to on the safe beach.

Let us extend greetings of appreciation and pride to all the martyrs and heroes of the Armed Forces; the courageous sons of Egypt who sacrificed their blood to water the sacred soil of Sinai.

To their eternal souls, we say today: “your children and grandchildren are strongly determined to pursue your march and preserve the free homeland that you left to us under the national sovereignty; a homeland that never tolerates humiliation or accepts submission; a homeland that can never be deceived by lies or defeated in a psychological warfare. Egypt will always remain, God Willing, a victorious homeland, where flags of dignity flutter high; and witnesses defeats and disappointments of its enemies, no matter how forms of war may vary or its tactics change.          

May Allah Preserve Egypt and its Great People.

Long Live Egypt... Long Live Egypt... Long Live Egypt

May Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings Be Upon You

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