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Sisi: Without a patriotic army and modern weapons, there is no security

Sunday، 13 October 2019 - 04:20 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said on Sunday 13/10/2019 the October War victory has become a milestone in the history of military sciences. Without a patriotic army and modern weapons, there is no security," he stressed.

Addressing the Armed Forces 31st intellectual symposium held, the president said Egypt is a pivotal state in a restive area. There is no security or stability for this area without Egypt. Those who aim at Egypt want to bring down the whole region and not just one state, he said.

"The Egyptian people have never changed and are capable of giving more sacrifices for the homeland. We are moving forward successfully based on statements and reports by international institutions," he stressed adding that the state, at the same time, is fully aware of the economic difficulties the Egyptians are enduring.

He called on the Egyptians to work together to reconstruct a modern state that has all aspects of progress and prosperity.

The evolution of human civilization now includes the modern warfare which is not a regular one. It rather includes information and media which are used as tools in fabrication and misleading the people. This requires full attention by all of us. They call for the best interest of the people while in fact they only harbor feelings of hatred and evil toward Egypt and its people, he warned.

This is done through destabilizing the country and shaking the confidence between the people and its state institutions. We were victorious in the October War which reflected a profound faith in a cause, that is both honest and just, for which the Egyptians fought. "God blessed Egypt and enabled its men to rewrite history in the battle of national strife. This war has become a milestone in the history of military sciences and a lesson taught to military students till this very day," he said.

"Looking thoroughly at the great October victory leads us to important conclusions, first to sacrifice for our homeland and to work with full power and patience," he said, asserting belief in the Egyptian people who have not changed and are still willing to and capable of offering sacrifices to the nation.

Second, wise perseverance to reach the aim which will be reached someday as we are moving ahead despite the economic difficulties, he said, adding that the State is well aware of their intensity but it is a road that we have to take to reach our dreams for the homeland.

"We always say that our strength lies in our unity," he stressed.

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