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Minister of Culture approves on the new production plan for governmental theater

Monday، 18 November 2019 - 11:54 AM
Minister of Culture approves on the new production plan for governmental theater

Abdel Dayem:Efforts of reshaping consciousness come up with huge turnout or “Complete “banners on the doors of the state theaters.

In continuation of the upraising of the Egyptian Theater, Dr. Inas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, approved on the new production plan for the governmental theater.The Cultural Production Sector headed by the artist Khaled Galal announced - through The artistic House of Theatre headed by the artist Ismail Mokhtar.

The production of seven new performances in addition to re-presenting another spectacle responding to the desire of the audience.

She stressed that the new performances were carefully selected to achieve the artistic message of education and enlightenment, we are all bias to the freedom of expression and creativity, to achieve additional progress towards intellectual movement.

She pointed out that “Complete “sign came as a result of the efforts to reshape consciousness and build individual. She explained that theatre is an artistic creative platform that monitor the social issues mixing on the reality with creative imagination promoting emotions and conscience.

For his part, artist Ismail Mokhtar, Head of The Artistic House of theatre, that the artists of the state theater have got a huge positive energy as a result of the mass turnout, insisting on presenting new attractive spectacles.

He added  that the production plan included presenting the following spectacles: “ the shadow of tales”  on  Al –Gad  Theater from Thursday, 21 st November.

-Confrontation Theater Troupe will present “ Rehla Saida -A happy journey “ spectacle ,starting from Sunday 24 th November  on  Bayram Al- Tunsie Theater in Alexandria.

-The Comedy Theater Troup will present “ Resayel Al- Oushak - Messages of lovers”  on Miami Theater, starting from Thursday,28 th  November.

-On 28 th November, Al- Taleea  Theater Troup will present “Harem Al- Nar – Women of Fire “ show

It is worthy of note that The Minister of Culture honors Naguib Mahfouz daughter of in the launch of “  Afrah Al- Koba “ show produced by The Youth Theater ,presented on Al Ayem Al- Shghier  Theater on the first week of the coming  December, as well as the youth theater produces “ Al- Bakhiel- The  Miser” by Molière to be  presented on Malak Theater Next December.

Meanwhile , The National Theater will also present “ Al- Moutafael- The Optimist”  who has achieved a great success in Cairo and to be moved  to Alexandria on Bayram  Al- Tunsie Theater starting Monday,10 th  December.

 It is worthy of note that to fulfill the wishes of the audience, the show “ The 40 Rules of love “ will be represented on Thursday, 5 December.

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