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'Braille Language' marked internationally Jan. 4th

Thursday، 19 December 2019 - 12:03 PM

The world marks on the fourth of January 2019, for the first time, the World Braille Language Day 2019, which aims at encouraging the blind or those with severe impairment in it to read, write, and consolidate their actual presence in their societies.


In addition to providing an opportunity to know the problems they may face and working to find actual solutions to them through the concerted efforts of international organizations, particularly the World Health Organization.


It also provides an opportunity to acknowledge the need to have more aids to help people who suffer from visual impairment and to emphasize through these aids means their participation in their societies and their presence in the case of positive interaction with others.


The choice of 4th January returns to the birth day of Louis Braille in 1809, the inventor of the Braille writing that was named after him.


Braille has revolutionized the lives of blind and partially sighted people by inventing a system of reading and writing based on the idea of the six prominent points.


Braille is a mean of communication for blind persons, as contained in Article 2 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


It is also necessary in the context of education, freedom of expression and opinion, access to information and written communication, as well as social integration of the blind, as contained in Articles 21 and 24 of the agreement.


The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 73/161 in November 2018, declaring 4th of January, as a Braille International Day to recognize the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the context of access to the written language as a crucial prerequisite for the full realization of the human rights of the blind and partially sighted.

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