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Hajj for special needs persons

Thursday، 19 December 2019 - 12:08 PM

What is the sharia’s rule for Hajj for people with special needs and mental and physical disabilities?

Answer of Electronic fatwas:

Muslims with physical disabilities only have the rule of healthy people from the obligation to perform Hajj on those who can: either by himself or by others; for the Almighty says in Quran.

People with intellectual disabilities that did not take them out of their legal mandate, the Hajj is valid for them to drop the obligatory duty, whether by their money or money of others.

Those whose mental disability is outside the limits of the legal mandate, Hajj and the Umrah are valid if they are transferred to the holy places and perform the Hajj or Umrah in their pillars and conditions by others help to them, and this is in the balance of their good deeds, although this does not obviate the obligatory Hajj and Umrah, for who say about it demand on them if the mentally handicapped from his illness and disability and became enforcement.

only God knows.


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