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Berlin Conference seeks to maintain ceasefire in Libya through comprehensive political path

Sunday، 19 January 2020 - 10:44 AM

Egypt's firm and clear stance affirms that a final resolution should urgently include the distribution of wealth issue in light of Libya's rich resources of petroleum and gas, the presidential spokesman declared on Jan 18, 2020.

He also stressed the necessity of putting an end to the inflow of foreign fighters to the war-torn country. 

All armed militias should be resolved and the Libyan National Army should be the only legitimate military power in the country, which maintains its stability, Rady said.

Egypt does not deal with any militias or armed groups whatever their power, but only with the national armies and elected governments, he added.

He mentioned that the Skhirat Agreement's framework and determinants need to be amended, including regulating relations between the Libyan parliament and the Presidential Council.

Foreign interference should be stopped, because it increases the complexity of the crisis, Rady said, citing Sisi remarks on the difficulty and expensive costs of securing borders with Libya. 

Concerning the inflow of foreign militants to Libya, Rady pointed to the seriousness of this new form of terrorism, which creates families and children who are brought up in a terrorist environment and imbued with the terrorist ideology, a matter which the president warned of many times. 

A political will is needed to ensure successful talks in Berlin, describing the hoped Libyan consensus as the most important factor to achieve that goal, the spokesman said.

It is clear that Europe and the international community are aware of President Sisi's warnings about the danger of the worsening conditions in Libya, he added.


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