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Traditional Crafts

Thursday، 28 May 2020 - 09:37 PM

Wekalet el Ghoury

 Built by Ashraf Abulnasr Qonswa Al-Ghouri in the Mamluk era, and became a cultural center of the Cultural Development Fund in 2005, It presents  artistic performances of the group "Tannoura heritage", accompanied by popular musical instruments such as (Rababa - Salamiya - Oboe - Sajat – Tabla( drums).

Accompanied by dance, vocalists sing religious chanting spontaneously. Dance elements of the band are based on skirt dancers and others who are , together with musicians are automatic artists who learned the arts of dancing, playing and singing by their parents and grandparents.

Suhaimi House:

 Al-Suhaimi House in Darb al-Asfar from Al-Moez Ledin Allah Street is considered a unique model of buildings ,it is the only house that represents the architecture of Cairo during the Ottoman era in Egypt.

The House of Suhaimi is an open museum of Islamic architecture and opens its doors to art galleries through the exhibition halls in the house, which suit the nature of the place.

Center for Traditional Crafts in Fustat:

It is one of the centers concerned with the development of traditional crafts and Islamic arts through the work of ceramics, carpentry, glass stained with gypsum, tents and ornaments, as well as cooperation with Prince Charles School of heritage Crafts, and includes an exhibition of traditional crafts and workshops for craftsmen.

Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts (Makan)

Its main objective is to preserve the identity of the peoples by presenting the heritage arts that are transmitted to each generation orally, presenting artists from Egypt and different countries of the world.

Makan offers three concerts per week: Sufi, religious chanting, and Mawwal concerts by Reda Shiha, Upper Egypt music by the Jaafara or Arajid Nubian bands

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