02 October 2020 12:12 AM

El-Saeed: Egypt keen on transparency in handling coronavirus

Thursday، 13 August 2020 - 03:36 PM
Minister of Planning Hala el Saeed

Minister of Planning Hala el Saeed held a meeting on Thursday 13/8/2020 in the presence of Minister of Communication Amr Talaat, Minister of State for Information Osama Heikal, Chairman of Central Agency For Organization and Administration Saleh el Sheikh and Assistant Prime Minister Osama el Gohary.




The meeting tackled the efforts exerted to face coronavirus via establishing a unit and a center for strategic documents on the efforts exerted by the different bodies of the state to face the virus.




In a statement on Thursday, Saeed said that the meeting comes within the framework of presidential authorization to detect the efforts of the Egyptian government during COVID 19 crisis.




Several international institutions lauded the efforts exerted by the Egyptian government against coronavirus, Saeed said, adding that the Egyptian state presented good performance in all the sectors and levels during this unprecedented crisis at the humanitarian and international levels.




Egypt was keen on transparency in handling the crisis and transferring the full truth to the citizens.




Meanwhile, Talaat said that the Egyptian government worked as team in the face of the virus and exerted unprecedented efforts to limit the number of cases and deaths.




Also, Heikal said that the government handled the crisis with the approach of maintaining the health of the citizens and maintaining the Egyptian economy, adding that the state was keen on making the citizens partners in managing the crisis.




He said that the documentation process will help in raising the awareness of the coming generations on how to handle similar crises in the future.




El Sheikh said that Egypt has taken several preventive measures that proved its ability to handle the crisis whether internally or externally.




El Gohary said that a website for the unit for strategic documents was launched to document the Egyptian initiatives to face coronavirus.



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