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Close partnership with NGO needed to develop society - minister

Sunday، 29 November 2020 - 12:55 PM

Social Solidarity Minister Nivine el Kabbag said on Saturday 28/11/2020 that the development of society cannot be achieved without a close partnership with NGOs to provide various services to citizens.

After the June 30 Revolution, Egypt witnessed major changes in social policies that led to remarkable improvement in the systems of providing social services and the policies for their distribution, the minister said.

The general features of the Ministry of Social Solidarity's policies were developed in light of the political leadership's orientations and within the framework of Egypt's 2030 Vision for sustainable development based on integration with all the efforts and state agencies and the belief that social welfare is a right for every citizen, she added.

The ministry has a remarkable shift in its view of social welfare as a vital and necessary requirement for the continuation of a society seeking stability, progress, and improvement of the standard of living, Kabbag said.

The success of NGOs, as a basic partner of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, must be measured by its ability to attract the groups targeted, converting them from recipients of aid to productive people who are fully aware of their social rights and duties, and able to participate in decision-making and learn self-reliance, she added.


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