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UNGA adopts Egyptian draft resolution calling on Israel to end occupation of Syrian Golan Heights

Friday، 04 December 2020 - 12:49 PM

The UN General Assembly adopted an Egyptian draft resolution calling on Israel to end its occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights and withdraw to the borders of June 4, 1967.

Addressing the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Egypt's Ambassador to UN Mohamed Edrees highlighted the principles of the UN Charter pertaining to respect of country's sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs of other countries as well as the right of people's to self-determination and non-forced annexation of territories.

Edrees said the Middle East region is still suffering from several crises as a result of not respecting international laws and international legitimacy resolutions.

Ambassador Edrees called on the international community to take a firm action to end the occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights and Palestinian territories.

He asserted Egypt's keenness on submitting the draft resolution annually to affirm UN Resolution No.497 for Year 1981, the principles of international and UN Charter as per not accepting the forceful annexation of lands, adding that Geneva Charter for Year 1949 also guaranteed the protection of civilians at the times of wars in Golan Heights and Palestinian territories.

Ambassador Edrees also said COVID‑19 has worsened an already challenging situation amid Israeli policies that have triggered a deterioration of conditions in the occupied territories, hindering a settlement of the Palestinian question and benefitting extremist currents that spread terror and diminish the chance of peace.

No peace is possible without a lasting and just settlement, he said, welcoming the Committee’s efforts to raise public awareness and noting Egypt’s continued efforts to support the Palestinian people.

There can be no annexation of territories by force, Edrees said, emphasizing that the Palestinian people have a right to self‑determination. Expressing support for these draft resolutions, he called on Member States to support them and looked forward to a just and lasting settlement and an end to the suffering.


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