21 January 2021 05:25 PM

New parl't speaker: President Sisi unites all Egyptians in face of terrorism

Wednesday، 13 January 2021 - 09:10 AM
New parl't speaker: President Sisi unites all Egyptians in face of terrorism

Newly-elected Speaker of the House of Representatives Hanafy el-Gebaly said that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi unites the Egyptian people in face of the global phenomenon of terrorism.

Giving a word after being elected as the new parliament speaker on Tuesday12/1/2021, Gebaly said that the political leadership managed in passing Egypt from the identity stage by uniting the Egyptian people, under the slogan of "citizenship and development".

Egypt is now led by one of Egypt's loyal sons, working for the unity of the State and facing major challenges, he stressed.

He went on to say that President Sisi's actions are clearly manifested in giving directives to the government and following up the achievements of the nation's heroes in various workplaces that have resulted in mega projects serving all citizens.

Counselor Gebaly said the new legislative term places on our shoulders a lot of effort at this important stage in all domains, particularly in the legislative and supervisory ones.

He further underlined the need for a monitoring role over the government's performance, which is no less important than legislation.

He stressed the need of assessing the government performance in a balanced way with the view to attaining the public interest.

In his word, he thanked former parliament ٍSpeaker Ali Abdel Aal and MPs who worked with him and made sustained effort under difficult circumstances.

He also paid tribute to the martyrs of the Armed Forces and the police, who laid down their lives while fighting terrorists.

He also commended the martyrs of duty; doctors, nursing staff, and workers in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gebaly also extended his sincere thanks to the judicial bodies, members of the National Elections Commission and Counselor Ibrahim Lashin, the late chairman of the committee, in holding the parliament elections despite the difficult circumstances in the country because of the pandemic until the election results came out with integrity and transparency.


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