04 March 2021 11:33 AM

President El-Sisi Inaugurates Ismailia Medical Complex and Several Health Sector Projects

Tuesday، 16 February 2021 - 12:00 AM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated this morning Ismailia Medical Complex, among other health sector projects.

The Spokesman for the Egyptian Presidency stated that Ismailia Medical Complex includes a group of integrated treatment centers in different specialties and emergency departments to provide medical services to the citizens of Ismailia according to the latest accreditation and international quality standards. Ismailia Medical Complex is a main center and part of the integrated Universal Health Insurance Program aiming to provide health services to the citizens of Ismailia. This project has been established within the framework of the comprehensive Universal Health Insurance System, which is planned to be established nationwide to provide integrated health care according to the highest medical standards for all Egyptians across the Republic.
Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly along with a number of ministers and senior statesmen attended the inauguration.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi extended greetings and expressed appreciation to the healthcare staff who gave their lives while performing their duties and who are still doing their part to protect us from the coronavirus pandemic.

His Excellency stressed that initiatives whose aim is to eradicate Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), promote the health of Egyptian women, and provide early detection of nephropathy were launched before the outbreak of the coronavirus, thus contributing to reducing the mortality rate due to these diseases amid the pandemic.

The President pointed out that the State has now databases of 70 million citizens that had not been available before. His Excellency added that the State has raised the people's awareness of virus C and chronic and non-communicable diseases for adults and children. In the same vein, President El-Sisi said that the State could still make further efforts in this regard for the next 5 years and provide the necessary funding for re-rescreening 70 million citizens so as to ensure the health of Egyptians.

President El-Sisi noted that some people wonder why the mortality rate due to the coronavirus is low, given that some people have not been taking the precautionary measures and Egypt has not been in a full lockdown so that economy would not be affected. Thus, His Excellency emphasized that the initiatives that were launched earlier were the reason behind the low mortality rate. He further explained that these initiatives help preserve the health of citizens, alleviate the suffering of the people, and provide the people with decent medical services.

His Excellency expressed his appreciation to the government for the strenuous efforts it exerts amid the coronavirus pandemic. He also pointed out that the plan of the implementation of the Universal Health Insurance has been reduced to a 10-year time frame, given that the original one was within a 15-year time frame.

President El-Sisi stressed that population growth directly affects the efforts of the State, and so this must be taken into consideration so that the efforts aimed at improving the living conditions of the people would be noticed.

The President affirmed the people’s right to freedom of opinion and expression; however, he emphasized that for people to express their opinions, they should be aware of the magnitude of the challenges, problems, and efforts made to face them. With that, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi assured that Egypt makes sincere in facing all these challenges.

In this regard, the President pointed out that once he was informed that the health sector needs cochlear implants, he gave directives to immediately provide the necessary funding with the aim of preserving the health of Egyptians.

The purpose of the health initiatives that were launched is to check on the health of the Egyptian citizens along with raising their awareness about these diseases. Therefore, the President emphasized the importance of healthy nutrition for our children, stressing that eating healthy food is more important than eating large portions of food.

Furthermore, President El-Sisi pointed out that the project aimed at developing the Egyptian countryside, within a 3-year time frame, will directly affect the health of the Egyptian citizens. Canal lining and sanitation projects will significantly contribute to reducing the diseases which were prevalent in the rural areas, the President further explained.

The President affirmed that the State is taking the matter of facing all challenges seriously; the role of the government, institutions and civil society is to support the people and provide them with a better life and society.

Hence, President El-Sisi stressed that population growth must be curbed to 400’000 per year in order for us to sense the size of achievements being made on the ground. It is the Egyptians who are putting their money into their country and hence they will be the ones to suffer in education, medical treatment, nutrition if the population keeps increasing.

His Excellency also asked the citizens to talk to their children about the issues hindering countries from advancing forward and discourage citizens from feeling any positive progress. Hence, population growth is a very important topic that the people living either rural or urban areas need to be aware of and realize its impact on the State generally.

The President then asserted that he refused to establish laws in order to face this problem and pointed out that the government laid down a plan to face it in a thoughtful manner. In this context, His Excellency requested the youth to fully understand this issue and the married couples to look after their children; the fewer the number of children, the more the family will be capable of nurturing them, taking care of their health and feeding them in a better manner.

In addition, His Excellency stressed that everyone has a role in raising and discussing this issue and that all of us – the government, civil society organizations, intellectuals, media personalities, and religious clerics –must work hard to face this problem.

The President expounded that with our population of 100 million people, an adequate number is 1 trillion USD (16 trillion EGP). The President added that if this number is not achieved, people will never sense the much-needed development.

The President made it clear that population growth is a matter of national security until people are satisfied, and if they are not, provoking them will be very easy and hence they will revolt; some will even portray that this is a result of the government and state’s failing approach. Consequently, citizens will feel that neither education nor healthcare nor roads nor other things are good; citizens will therefore overload themselves and overburden the state. Eventually, they will revolt and destroy their country.

His Excellency asserted that he is also a citizen and that his words have been the same since he ran for presidency. The President indicated that he didn’t address this issue 5-6 years ago as the people were not yet ready to accept it. We had other priorities in dealing with our issues and now the people are ready to deal with this one, the President added.

Finally, the President indicated that his goal is to preserve the security and safety of the country; population growth is a cornerstone in this regard. Therefore, His Excellency mentioned that any system’s goal is to place proper solutions to this issue.

President El-Sisi inaugurated via video conference a number of projects within the health and social solidarity sectors:

• Agamy Central Hospital, Alexandria.
• Abou Tig Central Hospital, Asyut‎
• Baltim Hospital, Kafr El-Sheikh.‎
• Esna Specialized Hospital, Luxor.‎
• National Complex for Serums and Vaccines, Helwan.‎
• Zagazig Military Hospital
• Damanhour Military Hospital
• Al-Narges Hospital
• Al-Yasmin Military Hospital
• Al-Azima Addiction Rehabilitation Center, the Red Sea Governorate.

During the ceremony, Minister of Health and Population Dr. Hala Zayed presented the President with a shield from all the medical staff working in Egypt as a gesture of love and appreciation.

The President also watched a documentary titled “Abwab Al-Amal” (Doors of Hope).

At the end of the inauguration ceremony, the President conducted an inspection tour across Ismailia Medical Complex.


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