06 May 2021 09:44 AM

Egypt: Ethiopian claim that low outfalls can pass average Blue Nile discharges incorrect

Tuesday، 20 April 2021 - 11:02 AM

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation said the Ethiopian claim that the existing two low outfalls are capable of passing the average discharges of the Blue Nile River is incorrect, noting that the current discharge capacity for both outfalls does not exceed 50 million cubic meters per day.

This quantity does not meet the needs of the two downstream countries, i.e. Egypt and Sudan, and is inconsistent with the average discharge of the Blue Nile River, the ministry said in a statement Monday.

The ministry said the statement is released in order to clarify the situation with regard to the Ethiopian move to open the low outfalls of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam; in preparation for draining the middle part of the dam and implementing the second filling process of the GERD.

The implementation of the second filling process and the retention of large quantities of water - according to what has been announced by the Ethiopian side - will greatly affect the river system; because the only controller of the quantities of water discharged from the dam during the filling process will then be those low outfalls, it said.

The situation will be more complicated starting from the upcoming flood season next July because the outfalls will then release water less than what has usually been received in July and August every year, it added.

The ministry noted that the maximum discharge capacity of the two low outfalls is estimated at 3 billion cubic meters per month, which means that the two downstream countries will suffer in the event of a moderate flood.

The situation will be worse in the event of a low flood, and this underscores the imperative of having a binding legal agreement that includes a clear coordination mechanism, it said.


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