20 October 2021 10:24 PM

Guinness Record: Bahr Al Baqr project certified as biggest wastewater plant worldwide

Tuesday، 28 September 2021 - 08:49 PM

Regional Director for the Guinness World Records in the Middle East and North Africa region Ahmed Bakr Meklad said Bahr Al Baqr wastewater treatment plant has received a Guinness World Records’ certificate for being the largest water plant in the world with a capacity of 64.8 cubic meters per second along with the use of ozone in the wastewater treatment process.

Speaking to "Good Morning Egypt", Meklad said the plant has been established with the highest and best international standards.

The plant was inspected by Guinness World Records team of judges over a period of one year during which data were exchanged to review the plant's competitiveness with similar projects.

The cost of this massive project is LE20 billion, and its daily capacity is 5.6 million cubic meters to be used in the reclamation of 400 acres in Sinai, he said.

Considered one of Egypt’s most important projects, the plant treats more than 2 billion cubic meters of wastewater per year which will be used to irrigate 1,400 sq km of land in Sinai. It is located east of the Nile Delta in the town of Bahr El-Baqar, about 35 km south of Port Said.

The project is set to improve water security, provide jobs, support communities, and reduce pollution for decades to come.

The plant comprises the pumping building of the water intake – rapid mixing basins – slow mixing basins – sedimentation basins – filters with discs – ozone basins – chloride tanks, treated water, sludge condensing basins – mechanical drying buildings – solar units for sludge drying and an administrative area which includes (headquarter building – employers building – mosque – generators – workshops – chemicals – chloride – ozone) – interior roads networks and landscaping.


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