01 December 2021 08:52 PM

Statement by President Abdul Fattah El-Sisi in the Cultural Symposium Commemorating the 48th Anniversary of Glorious October War

Thursday، 07 October 2021 - 12:49 AM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

The Great People of Egypt,

Today, we commemorate the forty-eighth glorious October victory, a day of honor and dignity, a day of victory that will remain eternal in our nation's history, a day of heroism and glory achieved by the men of the Armed Forces with their noble blood in a military epic that impressed the entire world. An epic written in letters whose radiance reaches over the world, representing the Egyptians' strength and determination to reclaim their rights and uphold the homeland's sovereignty, territory, and dignity.

The October War will be remembered as a watershed moment in modern history, a symbol of Egypt's dignity, honor, and resilience. On the anniversary of the victory, I pay tribute to and express my respect for Egyptian military commanders and symbols for their valor and sacrifices. I also pay tribute to the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their homeland.

Furthermore, I salute the Egyptian people, who were the determining factor in achieving this glorious victory, for their steadfastness, conscience and support for their Armed Forces during the most difficult and precise times. Since the dawn of history, this cohesion and public awareness have been the genuine safeguards that have contributed to the preservation and prosperity of the Egyptian state and its deep-rooted civilization.

Moreover, I extend my greetings to the late President, Mohammed Anwar El-Sadat, who made the crossing decision and led the magnificent victory.

Brothers and Sisters,

Egypt that fought and restored its land is the same Egypt that always strives for peace. Egypt has never sought wars or conflicts to achieve illegitimate ambitions or to usurp others’ possessions and resources. However, Egypt always seeks to extend a hand of cooperation as a firm approach to achieve prosperity, development and progress.

Great People of Egypt,

Days and years pass, thoughts alter, and forms of conflict change. Traditional wars that we fought in the past have given way to unconventional conflicts that seek to destroy homelands from within. Egypt's primary concern now is one of awareness, which has become a shared responsibility across all state institutions and civil society organizations to safeguard our homeland and our people’s resources entrusted to us.

I recall the importance and value of the inspiring lessons we learned from the October victory, which was not only a military victory but also a unique example of cohesion and popular awareness across all Egyptian spectrums. It was also an integrated epic for a nation that mobilized its full power to change the bitter reality and achieve victory, drawing its success from the scientific approach in preparation, planning, studying past outcomes and experiences, and from diligence and hard work day and night to reach the goal and achieve victory.

Our celebration of the glorious October victory represents a treasured occasion that makes us feel national pride and dignity. Let us all recall the amount of hardships and challenges that we have overcome to get to where we are now. A present that Egypt writes in a great success story that started years ago, and that demonstrates the Egyptian resolve to overcome adversity. Today, we see Egypt according to figures and facts, has found its true path to move in firm steps towards development, progress and change its reality in a way that befits its history, civilization and the greatness of its people.  Together, we move forward with strength and determination to build and develop our country in spite of the growing domestic and external challenges, especially in our tense and complicated regional surroundings, as well as unprecedented international crises that Egypt was not immune to, especially the repercussions of coronavirus pandemic. 

The Egyptian people have once again proved their deep awareness, that their affiliation and devotion to their homeland is limitless, that Egypt is a homeland that prospers because of the will and help of its sons, and that work, diligence and sincerity are essential values and pillars for success in fighting off challenges to building the modern state.

Over the past seven years, we have taken a hard path in order to build our modern state and establish the New Republic. We have begun to achieve a comprehensive and deep process to formulate the desired future for our dear homeland and for the present and future generations. This is done according to an integrated and harmonious collective action among all state agencies, and based on a scientific vision and specific goals that we seek to achieve within the current decade and reaching the goals of the "Egypt Vision 2030".The efforts of construction and development affected all aspects of life in Egypt without exception to achieve a specific goal, which is to maximize the state's ability in all fields in order to change reality and human development in pursuit of a better present and future for Egypt and the Egyptians. I refer here to the unprecedented national project for the development of the Egyptian countryside, “Decent Life” (Hayah Kareema), which seeks to raise the standard of living for more than half of the Egyptian population living in more than four thousand villages, at an initial cost of about "700 billion pounds."

Great people of Egypt,

Memories and championships presented by the great October generation will be eternal in our hearts. It will be forever a witness on the resilience of this nation; besides being an inspiring model for us for hard and constant hard work so as to raise our nation high, keep its soil and preserve the dignity of our homeland.

Many happy returns of the day,

Hoping for Egypt loftiness and progress, peace and prosperity,

Long Live Egypt, Long Live Egypt,

May God’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings Be Upon You

Thank you

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