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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's speech at Paris Conference on Libya

Friday، 12 November 2021 - 10:33 PM

Address by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi at Paris Conference on Libya

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

My dear friend, Your Excellency President Emmanuel Macron of the French Republic,

Your Excellency Chancellor Angela Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany,

Your Excellency, Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of the Italian Republic,

Your Excellency, the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Mr. Jan Kubis,

Your Excellencies,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I would like to extend my best regards and appreciation to President Emmanuel Macron and the friendly Republic of France for hosting this important conference. I would also like to welcome His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Al-Manfi, President of the Libyan Presidential Council and his Excellency Abdelhamid Dabaiba, Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, wishing them success in their mission to serve the interests of the brotherly Libyan people and realize their aspirations in moving forward towards a better future.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our meeting today comes nearly two years after the “Berlin” summit on Libya, when we pledged to protect Libya’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and committed ourselves to support the efforts of the United Nations in launching a comprehensive and sustainable political process, under a Libyan leadership and sovereignty, in order to end the state of conflict and restore the stability which the entire Libyan people aspire to.

In this context, I would like to mention that Egypt had then sent a clear message to all parties to the equation in Libya that the time has come to start specific measures to reach a comprehensive political solution to the Libyan crisis, warning from the danger of the continuous armed conflict on the Libyan national security and its neighboring Arab and African countries and on Europe in general, emphasizing that we may have to take measures to protect our national security and maintain the balance of power in case it is disturbed.

This position had a clear impact on the various parties to engage seriously in the political process sponsored by the United Nations.  Egypt's efforts, driven by its multiple ties with Libya, have focused on finding common ground between the Libyan brothers to launch a national dialogue that addresses the political, economic and security roots of the crisis in coordination with brotherly and friendly countries and the United Nations.

And here we are meeting today, to witness that the situation in Libya is heading for the better. Coinciding with our meeting, the Libyan political process is passing through a decisive phase that is crowning the international and regional efforts by holding elections on their scheduled date, on December 24, 2021.

Concomitantly, we are looking forward to the successful completion of this long-awaited milestone in a manner that befits the nobility of the brotherly Libyan people so that their dear country would restore its status and its active Arab and regional role.

In this regard, I must commend the procedures followed by the Libyan Presidential Council and the Government of National Unity in order to prepare for the elections. I also commend the Libyan Parliament's efforts and coordination with the Libyan High National Election Commission, which is working hard to hold the elections. This will allow our Libyan brothers to express their free will and not allow those who aspire to overcome the elections to achieve narrow goals that are completely unrelated to Libya's supreme interests, despite the fact that this will result in popular discontent, which we do not want to happen.

Your Excellencies,

Certain requirements for restoring long-term stability, achieving social peace, and preserving identity and national fabric cannot be ignored. These requirements are represented by completing comprehensive national reconciliation among all Libyans, paying attention to the equitable distribution of resources in order to achieve comprehensive development in all Libyan regions, promoting the economy, and ensuring the maximum benefit from Libyan resources in order to realize the aspirations of its sons.

In that context, within the framework of openness among partners and friends, and from a realistic standpoint, Libya cannot restore its sovereignty, unity, and aspired stability unless it addresses the primary issue impeding this, namely the presence of foreign forces, mercenaries and foreign fighters on its territories. Thus, this violates Security Council Resolutions Nos. 2570 and 2571, as well as the internationally and regionally approved outcomes of the Second Berlin Conference on Libya, decisions of the Arab League, the African Union, and Libya's neighboring countries regarding the withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries without exceptions, discrimination, or further procrastination.

From here, it is critical that our stance issued from today's meeting be clear and unambiguous in refusing to allow the situation to remain as it is and condemning the continuation of violations of relevant international resolutions on ending all forms of foreign military presence in Libya. Perhaps it is more important to launch mechanisms and guarantees to put into action what we agree on and what the "5 + 5 Joint Military Commission" sincerely and nationally seeks to achieve through its relevant plan. Furthermore, a clear and binding time frame must be established to implement the withdrawal of all foreign forces, mercenaries, and foreign fighters who entered Libya after 2011, so that things do not revert to previous stages.

I reiterate to you Egypt's full readiness to provide all forms of support to the brothers in Libya to implement the plan of the "5 + 5" joint military committee in this regard, unify state institutions, and build capacities so that the Libyans would possess their capabilities and be able to determine their own destiny and chart their future.

In this regard, I warn against the attempts of some parties inside and outside Libya to undermine any progress on this path under false pretexts, in the belief that it is possible to maintain a situation that no free Libyan who is proud of his patriotism and the sovereignty of his country can accept.

I call on all active parties, inside and outside Libya, to rise to the level of the event, to act responsibly and with a rational logic, to desist from illusions of expansion and influence, and to tamper with the capabilities and security of others, and to stop the policy of imposing a fait accompli, using military or physical force, as well as not providing safe havens, or any form of support for terrorist and extremist groups or the transfer of their elements from one country to another in order to get Libya out of its crisis and alleviate the suffering of its brotherly people.

Your Excellencies,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I reiterate that Egypt has been and will continue to support the Libyan people and the ongoing international and regional efforts in order to achieve their ambitions, with our appreciation in this context to the efforts of the Berlin track, Libya neighboring countries, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, and various regional organizations.

In conclusion, allow me to address our brothers in Libya, directly from the heart, and say to them:

Grandchildren of Omar Al-Mukhtar, the time has come for you to be inspired by the determination of your ancestors who sacrificed the most precious for freedom and independence of national decision, and to get rid from every foreigner and intruder in your country, no matter how much he said that in his presence there is good for you. The good is on your hands. If you get over your differences and determine to build your country by free Libyan will, so, you will find in Egypt a support and strength whenever you need to support your security, your legitimate choices and aspirations for a better tomorrow and promoting the higher interests of your country and a hand that extends assistance to transfer expertise, in order to maximize our common interests, because Egypt belief in the unity of purpose, on the way of construction and development achieving the hopes of our two brotherly peoples in light of the bonds of brotherhood and neighborhood, as well as Arab and African affiliation and a common destiny.

Thank you for listening, and May the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be Upon You

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