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Cultural Institutions

The General Authority for Cultural Palaces

Friday، 28 January 2022 - 09:49 PM

The General Authority for Cultural Palaces is one of the cultural institutions that play a prominent role in providing cultural and artistic services. It aims to contribute to raising the cultural level and directing national awareness of the masses in the fields of cinema, theatre, music, literature, folk arts and formation, and in the activity of children, women, youth and library services in the provinces. It was first established under the name of the People's University in1945and in 1965 changed its name to mass culture. In1989, the Republican decision was passed into a public body of a special nature, and became the General Authority for Cultural Palaces.


Tanoura group for heritage arts:

One of the groups of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces. It is located at Wekalet El-Ghouri (El-Ghouri Heritage Centre). It was formed in February 1988 at the headquarters of al-Ghouri Heritage Palace, a specialized palace with the aim of reviving artistic heritage forms that have disappeared or are about to disappear. Its shows are presented periodically throughout the year on Saturdays and Wednesdays at Wekalet El-Ghouri, Al-Azhar Street. It also participates in all national events in Egypt.

 Art Bus:

The Art Bus project highlights the state's interest in spreading awareness and working to emphasize the concept of beauty and the value of belonging in the new generations. The state plays an important role, through innovative methods and the adoption of non-traditional ideas, to prevent children and youths from being attracted to terrorism, extremism and the tendency to intellectual and behavioral violence. The project comes in response to the country's urgent need for sincere work, positive action and creative initiatives. Thus, the Fine Arts Sector adopted a  plan presented by an Egyptian citizen, to assign a bus that roams all Egyptian cities according to a pre-prepared programme that is  announced in various media channels.

Through coordination with various Cultural palaces, the project began by assembling children to be waiting for this bus, where they take it with a supervisor and a fine artist to visit the museums and art galleries specified in the program of the visit, and then return to the beginning station.

IT Clubs:

The opening and operation of IT clubs began in February 2003 with16 clubs. After that, the establishment of clubs expanded in most parts of Egypt to become 43 clubs.


The General Department of Festivals is one of the technical departments of the Authority. It spreads artistic activities in various international and local forums, in order to preserve the artistic heritage through artistic celebrations throughout the Republic and abroad.


The General Department of Public Culture of the Authority organizes The Central Literary Competition, which is an annual competition. It organizes also The Regional Literary Competition: conducted at the level of each cultural region in the various fields of creativity (poetry-story-novel).

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