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“Balady Amana” campaign

Wednesday، 16 February 2022 - 01:39 PM

The National Council for Women launched “Balady Amana” campaign on September 29, 2019 in all governorates.

The campaign aims to aware egyptian women how to contribute to all the efforts undertaken by the state from the government and the private sector as well as the public sector to build a stable and prosperous homeland, in addition to educating them the dangerous with malicious rumors aimed at destabilizing the security and safety of Egyptian society.

The council’s branches enlisted the help of rural pioneers, preachers, nuns and members of the branches to reach the women in villages, educate them how to play an effective role in building their homeland, as well as educating them about the external and internal dangers that threaten the security and safety of Egypt and Egyptians.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of what is happening on Egypt of construction and development projects at all levels, in addition to raising awareness of the war of rumors and attempts to stir up sedition, create crises and spread chaos in the country.

It also highlights the importance of the role of Egyptian women in protecting our beloved homeland against all those who seek to destroy its entity and stability.

The campaign also confirms that our country is “honest” and we must preserve it from calls for sabotage and demolition, and our role in teaching our children the meaning of belonging, patriotism and positive.

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